being mean to newbs

because hades touches me where i pee

O_O you too?

I’d like to put in something about newbies making threads. Personally I regard that as a way to step into the forums and learn to know people, and some inside jokes on the way. Valkyrie’s bedtime stories and Charle’s face-eating, anyone? It’s a way to learn about the general mood here, if you haven’t lurked around long enough to learn about it already.

Val had some story? I wanna hear.

Nonono, Charle. You see, a long time ago, I’d demand newbies to write me a bedtime story. Few of them did, but some did, and I warmed up to them rather quickly. One of those bedtime stories is even in the Fanfiction section, by Jo the Mighty.

And personally, I’m really starting to see all the dipshittery that’s rampant pn the bnpards, and wonder wjhy I haven’t tried leaving for good yet. And please, no one give me that “Because she won’t LET you leave” bullshit, I seriously am having less and less fun here all the time.

It’s because you do the same bullshit all the time. Doing the same things over and over gets boring after a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Hades? Shut the fuck up. Please. I know you’re an asshole and all-around bullshitter, so I normally shouldn’t take anything you say seriously, but please, just… don’t.

Excuse me? I was GONNA shut up, but you just fucking pissed me off. I’m dead serious about what I said, it’s always the same fucking shit with you. Fuck, I WANT you to leave now. Get the hell out of here. I’m sick of your RPGC Family tree bullshit, I don’t give a shit about who’s grandmother’s lesbian twin’s brother’s wife’s child’s cousin you like to pretend you are.

And NEVER talk down to me, ignorant little boy. Some people can, you cannot. No, I’d prefer if you just fucked off or did something intellectually amusing for once.

And just for your information, I’m intellectually stimulated by talking about vaginal secretions on MSN. Just to give you an estimate of where your intellect (or lack thereof) stands.

Hades loves teh vaginal blood furt ;D

Hades has wet dreams about his Dad

All this goodwill and cheer makes me want to give you all a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig huuuug!


Ahh, you can just feel the love in the air. Makes me want to have a cookie…

And a would too, but fcking Charlemagne stole all the damn cookies again. Damnit, leave some for the rest of us!

If you’re having less and less fun here then why are you here? Nobody’s out to get anyone and to make them STOP HAVING FUN. Message boards and their communities change, get over it. This happens everywhere. A couple people said, if you don’t like it, don’t read it (yes I am aware that that statement can be totally silly considering that there are a few newb threads always around, but hey.) I don’t see any problem with “newb” threads as they are only one thread per user and it’s not like every forum starts to be contaminated with mindless bullshit. But where was I? Yes, if you’re not having fun, get over yourself (I’m not trying to single out Val, I mean this for everyone feeling the same way :P). Chances are, people are going to leave, the same old jokes wont be funny any more, etc. C’est la vie. You can either post more to try to bring rpgc back to whatever era of fun it was at (but apparently isn’t now) or you can just go. It’s not a big life altering decision.

Val, you’re going to get even more angry than you already are at me but I don’t care at this point.

I know this has been said, but if you’re not having any fun here, then stop whining and leave. You talk endlessly about dipshittery on these forums when you act like you’ve had nothing to do with any of it. Need I bring up the whole “Queen of the Tower” bit again? Oh yeah, that wasn’t dipshittery at all, besides coming close to getting an entire farking forum closed. Did you ever consider the fact that maybe you’re at fault and not every other person here? Is a goddamn Internet forum really that important? You don’t have much of a right to talk down to people either given your attitude in the past (omg this forum sux0rz lol). Mind you, I’m not saying my attitude’s been perfect either but at least I’m not putting the blame on others.

Now, I’ll say it again: Drop it. If you want to leave, then please do, but don’t pull an Alwyn and stay here complaining. I’ve seriously lost all respect for you.

Man, this place sucks. Fuck you all, I’m outta here.

See, Steve’s got balls

Wow. Just wow. This is pathetic. It’s none of you people’s jobs to read every thread on the forum, and you aren’t getting paid to do it either. So if you’re miserable doing that, then why the hell are you still here? Just leave if you’re miserable instead of bitching to everyone about how you aren’t having any fun here. It’s not a hard concept.

And for people who complain about the dipshittery or what have you that happens here: if you’ve had any (especially a large) part in it in the past, you’ve got no right to complain now. Now everyone simmer down. This is why we can’t have nice things.