Being a grammar nazi pays

As you can see in my signature.

I didn’t score high enough to gain a “Master”, but I was pretty close. My actual score was 3.94 - average, I peaked 4.31 in Reading Comprehension. Even though it’s far from the perfect score, 5.0, I went 89% better than all previous test takers. Makes me feel quite special, English not being my native language and all.

Right, it isn’t a Toffle or whatever, but it’s a valid certification anyway. I’m adding it to my CV.

I’d like to thank all the other grammar nazis, for it was the communication among us that kept me from getting rusty with my language skills. Thank you very much.

I thought you were gonna say something like you got a job as an editor or something. Too bad, that’s totally what I’m gonna do. (Seeing as how honestly, correcting spelling/grammar is the only thing I truly shine at. I should add that to my resume.)

But congrats anyway. I’m interested to know more about this test. Is it some online thing, or some school thing, or some other kind of thing?

Go there, sign up, then go to the free tests area.

By the way, they’re having these Bench Games thing, where certifications are free. Today’s the last day. I don’t know much about it, I only signed up and started testing, so I’m not sure whether the English test will be free by tomorrow.

Nice man, I’m doing the real Masters text for Chichester University next year so I’ll see who gets there first :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of grammer, have you guys read/heard Eats, Shoots, and Leaves?

Short, entertaining read on the joys of good grammer.

We will hunt you Nazi’s down and liberate Europe from oppression. Long live Stalin!

I’ve got an A in English Grammar and Advanced English Grammar. HaH!

Generally people using “it’s” as a possessive bugs me the most, and then there’s the whole “there”, “they’re” and “their” debacle, but lately, I’ve been bugged by people who don’t know when to use the word “whom”.

Just master these skills and you’ll know English WAY better than 90% of native writers. -_-

I spoke advanced english at the age of 7. That’s enough to me.

While I can understand someone being an expert, getting pissed off when someone uses English incorrectly…I just don’t see the point of busting balls online. If you can understand a persons point, why bother coming down on them?

Personally, I get pissed off if someone feels the need to correct my written words. Again, as long as you understand my point, I don’t think you should lose sleep over it.


          A) It's better if you correct said mistakes so you don't repeat them on a situation that actually matters (Such as, you know, WORK).
          B) There are numerous cases when we [b]can't[/b] understand what someone says, or we can scarcely do it due to an absolute lack of certain grammatical elements (Like punctuation, you know who I'm talking about). 

And these two apply to those who scratch the edge of what’s understandable:

          C) The written word is your aesthetic form on the net. Just as people who are good looking get more attention than others with equal skills but not so good looks, most people pay more attention to those who can type well.
          D) As a rule of thumb, someone who can't take the time to type reasonably well usually has nothing worth saying. I know there are exceptions but, let's be honest, how many deep conversations did you guys have with [i]pple wh typ liek thys[/i]?

You missed an apostrophe there. >=O

Hang him!

Which one?

I still haven’t gotten who/whom down yet. :frowning:

The only thing that really bothers me is when people misuse semicolons.

Oh, this site is probably relevant to the topic at hand, too:

I’m sure every one of us makes some of the errors listed on that site…

Hiryuu, those things that you mentioned, they were actually a significant part of the test.

poptart: what SE said.

BTW, if you people can, take the chance and do the BrainBench test. It gives detailed results like this:

Test: Written English
Date: 03-Apr-2005
Score: 3.94
Weights: 100% Written English

Elapsed time: 32 min 42 sec

Written English
Score: 3.94
Percentile: Scored higher than 89% of previous examinees

Overall Score 3.94

Demonstrated the ability to read, comprehend, and communicate English at an advanced level. Performed well in both the categories of Reading Comprehension and Grammar and Usage. The examinee’s English skills are above the average of all others who have taken this same test. The examinee will have little to no problem communicating in English in his/her desired position.

Grammar & Usage Score 3.58

Demonstrated knowledge of English Grammar and Usage at an advanced level. Generally performed well in the proper use of nouns, verbs, pronouns, misused words, prepositions, articles, parallel structure, comparison, and conjunctions in sentences. The examinee’s Grammar and Usage skills are above the average of those who have taken this same test.

Strong Areas

Misused Words
Parallel Structure

Weak Areas


Reading Comprehension Score 4.31

Demonstrated the ability to read and comprehend English passages at the highest level. Reading Comprehension skills are well above the average of all other’s who have taken this same test.

Strong Areas

General Questions
Specific Questions

Weak Areas

None noted

Comparisons and prepositions are my weak areas by comparison with other areas, I think I went well with them too.

Then/Than my god that pisses me off. So many fuckers do that. It is like everyone on the internet forgot all about the word “than.” Everything is “I have more games then you” or “He’s better then you.” It’s “than” motherfuckers. “Then” refers to time and such. Such as, “I went to the school and then I went to the beach.” Now granted my grammar and such go down when I’m on the internet (such as how I do parenthesis stuff and rarely use paragraphs), but that is such a simple mistake. Like Ren used “then” properly, but many do not. This site is as bad as the rest of the internet in that respect. The cussing was mostly just to show how that mistake really bugs me. I do write pretty well though since I can usually get an A on a one draft wonder with little to no proof reading (this really helps me on essay tests since I can do pretty close to a take home).

Who is subject; whom is object. It’s a remenant from the time English had cases.

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