Because I'm the coolest person none of you probably notice...

I’m about to reach 1000 posts! Horray for The Wizardmaster! Now go on and do the dumb little question crap.


  1. Who here at RPGC are you the most like?

  2. How did you create your name?

  3. How did you happen to come to this wonderful place?

Live performance or CD?

Why is Nightblade so cool and awesome?

North Korea or Cuba?

Do you wanna hang out this weekend?

Can i pinch your cheeks?

Whatever happened to that Caleb guy?

because it is inevitable:
What… is your name?
What… is your quest?
What… is your favorite color? (What? Do I look like I give a damn about a fuckin’ bird?)

What is the meaning of life?
Ricardo Banderas VS The Hulk?
Where is Waldo?

What do you think of me?
Are you a christian?
What are your views on gays and lesbians?
what gender do you think i am?

I’ve Just been to the pub and is said to be wasted… So guess how much I had to drink?

Big Nutter
The True Answer is also great for RPGs

I am still not sure about your gender, are you boy or girl?

GG is so going to have your head…

Thank you!

  1. Um…Charlemagne, except less popular and cool. Or Sin, except less important or cool. Or SK, except less cool or smart. Seriously though, I dunno. Who here doesnt post that much, thinks they’re better/smarter/funnier than everyone else, and actually is?

  2. Ok, story time. I was playing SSB:M with my older bro and his friends. As always, I play gannondorf. So they randomly started calling me The Wizard Master. Apparently it was from this anime they all watched recently. At first it was stupid, but then I decided I liked it. Still dont know what its from.

  3. I think i followed a link from RPGRelm, or something like that. I dont really remember.

Probably CD, because its all portable like.

He’s lying to himself.

Cuba, Castro is the man.

  1. Eh…I have a lady type of my own. Maybe later
  2. Um…no, because i dont live anywhere near you. You can pretend if you’d like. I would hate you forever, though.
  3. He shows up sometimes, been a few weeks since I last saw him I think. You are talking about Caleb Nova right?
  1. Gregory Phillip Forster
  2. To not have a quest
  3. hm…Of all the basic colors probably green. If i got all crap retarded like I’d probably say salmon. Cause its like pink, orange, and peach, all in one! Its CRAZY!!!
  1. The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be.
  2. Don’t know who the first guy is, so I’d have to go with him.
  3. In the books.
  1. Um…I kinda wonder why you’d want to be known as a pokemon, but sides, that, pretty much neutral.
  2. My dad is gay, so I’m pretty open. I don’t support gay marriage, but besides that, I pretty much support them in everything else. (including civil unions) Lesbians, however, have my FULL support.
  3. No self respecting guy would accociate himself with pink unless it was some kind of statement (real men wear pink), so female.

Um…In virginia at least .08 blood alcohol level.

Boy. :fungah: :bowser: :eek:

Go play Xenogears then. NOW.

  1. If I take a hovertrain with a max speed of 600 mph with an acceleration of 24.634 mph to top speed starting from the station from Boston to Paris and a deceleration of 264 mph (which starts when the train is 528 miles from its destination), factoring in wind speed, by how much would an African swallow laden with a one-pound coconut need to increase its speed (percentage please) in order to beat me by 9.2 seconds?

Please ask questions that don’t suck/are possible to answer without huge amounts of thought.

Too lazy to even make a joke answer?

It’s a trick question anyhow. Everyone knows that by the time hovertrains are invented, one-pound coconuts will be used as teleportation devices. Honest to God.

What’s in my pocket?

If I am correct, trains exist (I’m pretty sure its bullet trains) that work in such a way that the train hovers over the rain due to magnets.

Do you remember that one roleplay you and me teamed up on? :smiley: I think Val got really mad at me because I kept eating the crowd. :frowning: