Beatles or the Stones

Seriously, you’re either a Beatles person or a Stones person. Don’t just say the Beatles are better than the Stones and end it there. Put some thought into it. I wanna know why people like one better than the other.

I don’t like either one. I’m a Pink Floyd fan.

There are a couple songs from either band that I don’t mind, but none that I really like. I would never buy a cd of either one.

I vote neither.

In an AB question, it is silly to say “C.”

Honestly, I enjoy the Rolling Stones more because of their rougher edged music, even though the Beatles are indisputably a better band musically speaking. I generally prefer bands of the second wave of the British invasion, anyway.

But I don’t like either A or B. They both suck, in my opinion.

I’m not going to choose between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

The stones have a few songs i like and are very good in their aspect. The beetles , i dont’ know i like alot of their songs and i learned of them before the stones. I like both really but i say go beetles! hoosha!

That is the exact way I feel!

I can’t really name many songs that I’ve heard by the stones. I guess I like the Beatles more by defualt. I know my mom likes them both pretty equally, otherwise she wouldn’t own so many of their records and cds.

ER you’ve never heard Satisfaction? Paint it black?

I have to like The Beatles far more than the Stones…
John/Paul were a brilliant pair, and Paul’s voice was heavenly…
Ringo was a brilliant drummer, and full of life, so he added a nice vibrance to the group. And he had a good couple of songs too - Octopus’s Garden especially.

But now they’re dead… :’(


Beatles :smiley:

I definately prefer the Beatles. I like pretty much all of their stuff, whereas the Stones, some of their songs I just don’t care much for. Even the popular stuff, like Satisfaction, I don’t love or anything. I can’t explain it rationally.

You even like the Beatles novelty songs? I found that their popular songs were really good, and that a LOT of the songs on their albums are just… bad. Really, really bad.

I adore Paint it Black. I have something like 100 covers of that song. Overall though the beatles are my favorite of the two. It is hard for me to find a beatles song that I DON’T like and they have some brilliant ones. Even their songs that don’t get much popularity like Here Comes the Sun and Across the Universe and Norwegian Wood I love.

well if i’m right when they put songs on cd’s and such they usually put 2 good hits and a buch of mediocre songs.

2 of the 3 Beatles you mentioned are still alive and well. And why forget George? Everybody knows he was the best Beatle… OK, my opinion might be a little biased. =P But he was the best guitar player, and my favorite songwriter in the group (Especially considering how few of his songs made it on to albums compared to John and Paul).

Anyway, the Beatles had better written, more diverse music, and their albums were just plain better (nothing wrong with the Stones, I just think the Beatles are sort of in a class of their own). And considering the Beatles were only together for about a decade, the amount of quality music they put out is really astounding. Even their “novelty songs”, are musically well-written and generally catchy (Except Revolution 9, heh…), even if sometimes they had nonesense lyrics (which John supposedly liked to put in his songs at times, because he thought it was funny that people tried so hard to find deep meaning in them (I think he said that about “I Am the Walrus”). =P)

Also, I would argue that the Beatles are one of the few groups that hardly ever have filler on their albums, so they’re not a group that has one or two hits and the rest of the songs are crap. You can take any given Beatles album, and for most of them, over half of the songs are still heavily played on radios today, and most of the others are played too, just not as often. Not that being played on the radio necessarily makes a song good, but radio stations tend to usually only play singles and stuff like that, not album filler.

I really like some RS songs (Paint it Black) but god damn the Beatles are fun to listen to.

i think we know who the clear winner is here lol

Oh, by the way, I’m probably not the best person to ask, since in the past year or so, I’ve become about the biggest Beatles fan ever (well not literally, but I’m probably the biggest Beatles fan around here anyway!). Nowadays I listen to way too much of them for my own good. =P

can you write me the lerics to paperback writer?

I’d have to pick The Beatles, just for the fact that I listen to them more than The Rolling Stones. I like both bands, though.