Battle Cruiser Madness....

Take a look at these. StarCraft players will understand what I mean by “madness”…

Damn that’s a lot of Cruisers.

err… hmm… fun… lol

Scourge woulda kicked your ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

How many? There’s about 300 o’ them Cruisers there.

BTW: the bottom half of the map is all Cruisers the top half are Wraiths.

If anyone wants to that map I could e-mail it to you. Also if you get it feel free to make any improvements :slight_smile:

have fun…

BOOM!!! :yipee: blowa up a building

Sorry, big boom. ^_^;

Eh…BCs are not a big deal…

Cheap units, Like Ghosts can easily Counter them (Lockdown) And Yeah, Sourges are cheap and fast…they could have countered them.

Anyways, that was a…interesting Screeshot

Originally posted by Cala
Scourge woulda kicked your ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Scourge are vitually ineffective against battlecruisers in groups of 10+

In a normal game that would be neat, but it’s nothing special on a UMS map.

Scourge are ineffective against big groups of battlecruisers. A better counter as zerg is hydras (en masse) + dark swarm + ensnare + plague, you’ll pop them like so many zits, especially if you can surprise them (such as by suddenly unburrowing when they’re directly overhead)

Man, that’s a lot of cruisers! The most I ever got at once was about two dozen.

I’m one of the most experienced Zerg players at RPGC, and take it from me; the only good ways to beat BCs are LOTS of Hydras + Defilers (Dark Swarm), which is tough to do, or a large group of Devourers (At least 16 fully upgraded, I usually would get 24 for BCs at least), which is much easier.

Scourge is good when there’s hardly ANY BCs. But, you have to have a lot just for one BC. And once the rate of fire mutiplies, think, you have to have twice as many. You already need about 6 to 1 BC, and you also have to think when you have a lot of Scourge, several usually go after 1, thus being totally wasteful. And that’s if they even manage to hit a BC. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damnit, Ninja!!!

Unfortunatly there was no Zeg players. Just four Prottoss which totaled about 200 Arbiters, 150 Corsairs, 100 Scouts and about 100 Carriers, which was kinda hard.

The entire strategy base in Starcraft can be summed up by the bottom comic. It’s been sooo long since I played Starcraft. The box is literally gathering dust, but I don’t want to get it out lest I ruin what treasured memories I have of it…

Originally posted by Chris-chris
[b]have fun…

BOOM!!! :yipee: blowa up a building

Sorry, big boom. ^_^; [/b]

Holy bloody…!
Now that’s what I call a slugfest! Too bad they didn’t use the Yamato Guns…

In UMS, Yamato Gun may* not be as powerful as the normal attack.

If somebody altered the BC’s attack to 100(+), would Yamato’s strength go up in respect to the new power?

I dunno, but it took me a while to destroy those temples. 9999 HP
with 255 Armour. In that level BC’s + Wraiths where the same, however I used multiple Hyperion + Norad cruisers each with attack ranging from 100 - 300. It was fair since the interceptors where boosted to about 13 attack and I upgraded all Protoss ships to boot.
And Manus I DID use Yamato Guns.

EDIT: I think the Yamato guns do go up, since when I hit a temple with one it seemed to do more damage than an average laser.
They might also ignore defence/armour, I’m not sure.

Heh. Scourge would have been pwned. The devourers idea, as long as that is enough to FF one and kill it in one shot from each, and maybe a couple extra. Valkries would have pwned them,so much damage so quickly, WITH splash, and they’ve got good armor too, they may have longer range, and if so, you can go in, fie the rounds, run off, wait for cool down, go in and fire again. Hydras under dark swarm would work too, but the hydraswould probably be doing about 5 damage a hit… And how much HP do BCs have? Like… 500? >_> I’m prolly way off. Hm… With toss… corsairs would do nothing, they would do like 3 or 4 damage per hit and they’d fall before they could defeat any. Hmm… Stasis most of them, kill some, stasis some of those who were stasised again, and kill the ones who get unstasis, rinse and repeat, or however they say that. Dragoons MIGHT work good too. High damage, further range… Um… I can’t think of too many things you could do with toss without having to work at it and micro some. I’d stick with stasising most of them, then recalling the 'goons over, then killing, stasis, and so on.

Originally posted by Cala
If somebody altered the BC’s attack to 100(+), would Yamato’s strength go up in respect to the new power?

No they won’t. And Seph, they did more damage because Yamato does 250 base.

Cless: Not to mention armor types.