Azumanga Daioh is absolutely horrible

Wow. I just two books of the manga, and i’ve got to say, this is shit. Its like a crappy american newspaper comic, but based on japanese schoolgirls.

Does anyone actually like this? Is the anime any better?

The anime is pretty funny, but it’s overrated.

Not enough culture to understand it? It makes retarded Japanese jokes.

The anime is a lot like an animated newspaper comic. It’s split into 5 minute segments but it does have a continuity of some sort. Many of its jokes have Japanese culture in them but I still found it enjoyable (had a little help from translator’s notes though). It seems to be one of those “love it or hate it” shows and if you don’t like it past the first few episodes you probably shouldn’t want the rest.

I love the anime, but I haven’t really read the manga, so I don’t know if that’s good.

I loved both of them. They’re not laugh-out-loud funny, but they are humorous and relaxing.

Manga is never funny

You mean there is no manga that is funny or just the Azumanga Daioh manga is not funny?

Manga as a whole isn’t funny enough to laugh at

You’ve obviously never read Ebichu. And why make a blanket statement about a genre?

Die, Now. I mean right now…

It’s not over-the-top hilarious, but it IS endlessly rewatchable.

I’ve read a lot of manga and it doens’t make me laugh

Now anime is funny. Azumanga is a funny anime

That’s like saying books aren’t funny. Or movies. Or TV shows. Or comic books. Or video games. I think you should be seeing my point about now. Shit, we’re not even talking about a genre here, it’s a format.

Okay. I laughed at a ranma manga five years ago

The Manga is horrible, you’re right. The translation is terrible. It’s wildly inconsistent in it’s handling of japanese referrences and american equivolents of those referrences. For instance, they give Osaka a brooklyn accent-which she liberally slips in and out of. In the anime dub, they give her a southern drawl. Why? Who knows. Sometimes they’ll keep japanese objects or stores in tact, other times they’ll cover them up with american substitutes. For instance, they use Target instead of a Japanese store, but they’ll say a japanese food or piece of clothing elsewhere. The thing I hate the most is their liberal use of american idioms and figures of speech. Just terrible. A lot of the jokes you see in the anime are totally lost in the manga.

If you see the anime first, in it’s original form, you notice even more just how poorly done the manga is.

Watch the anime. It’s brilliant.

It’s not laugh-out-loud funny, but I think the awful translation of the VHD movie is the only anime I’ve seen that is. Hell, the only movie I’ve seen that is. As for mange, I don’t really laugh-out loud, but this amused the hell out of. Also, it was fuel for my creepy obsession with Japanese school girls.

Yea, the translation really ticked me off, for the exact same reasons. It seemed like a draft, more than a final copy, like they didn’t know how they wanted the nuances in the text to come off.

I guess i’ll try the anime next, though should i buy the official dub, or get a fansub? I mean, will the official translation of the anime be just as bad as the official translation of the manga?

There are fansubs floating around, and they probably leave all the references in tact, but no reference guide. You can get the offical ADV release. Watch it subbed, they keep about 90 percent of the original japanese culture references, and they have a ton of translation notes to go along with it. The dub is tolerable, but you really need to watch it subbed. Part of the humor is in the seiyuus’ deliveries.

They just released the “Class Album” -the series box set for like 50 bucks. It’d realy be criminal not to buy it.

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