Awesome FF6 Guide!

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I just wanted to say that you fucking suck and should STOP writing reviews on games you obviously know nothing about. Seriously, your self centered biased reviews get in the way of actually learning anything on the damn site. Also, no you’re not a god. You’re a fucking fag who thinks he’s clever by trying to turn a rpg page into his personal blog. Really, it’s a sign that you’re nothing but a closet nerd . Next time, just write a decent review?
Fucking scumbag.

Wait… someone who creates a shrine devoted to an SNES game is a CLOSET nerd!?

Also, sorry to hear people are persecuting you for your homosexuality. Ever since you came out in April, people just haven’t treated you the same way.

He got the fucking scumbag part right. The rest of it? Baseless.

Throw enough shit at the wall and eventually something will stick.

Sounds like somebody has issues…

Sorry, I was PMSing. You’re a bonafide, out of the closet nerd.

I’m joking.

I bet it’s really someone who entered that essay contest you never did shit about finally getting pissed.

Way to post my e-mail. :chupon:

When you gonna lemme hit that, zepp?

Does a really really really warm feeling in your stomach mean apap overdose

i saw the ff6 page…and learned that you answer to zeppy-kins?

The funny thing is that I find Zepp’s FF6 shrine to be one of the more informative walkthroughs on the internet, while also being very entertaining. If anything, I’d say more guide writers should aspire to that.

EDIT: I really wish he’d finish the damn thing though, and maybe add in the missing Cyan flashbacks (although it’s not a huge deal; it’s just that the one he doesn’t mention is probably the coolest one).

You know what zepp, you suck even more for losing the Bill Murray avatar.

Agreed, get with the program China-guy.

But that guide is awesome… what’s this person’s deal?

Maybe he should’ve ignored Zepp’s capsule reviews and sticked to just the information?

(Granted, I have given up on Cyan because Zepp’s guide tells me he sucks.)

I think there were a few characters missing their info, though.

Perhaps a GBA version touch-up would be necessary?

Mabat, I don’t use Cyan not because zepp said he sucks, but because I think he sucks, lol. Not interested in debating, we all have our opinions. :slight_smile:

I would like to see some bonus dungeon strategy if someone’s up for writing it.

Also, since Nintendo’s religious reference and obscure weapon name guidelines are removed, Zepp’s text takes a slight hit, say, when trying to use the colosseum guide

“Strato?” “Aura?” “Sky Render?”
More like,
“Murasame” “Masamune” “Kiku-Ichimonji” etc.

And to heck with Pearl, you’ve got Holy now.

(Oh dear, now I remember FFIV: Short, Middle, Long, Ninja… = Kunai, Ashura, Kotetsu, Kiku-Ichimonji…)

Cyan can beat tanks. Just FYI.

I use him

I know you love Cyan and that he’s your go-to guy for tank destruction. :slight_smile: