Which one do you think of when you see me post? Here’s a list:

Kiro Turtle
Nuku Nuku
VG Cats Aries
Hyper Police Cat Girl
Picnic Cat Girl
Box Cat Girl
Cat Girl Death
Current Avvie

Box Cat Girl

Current avvie. I think it’s the cutest, and I likes cuteness. :slight_smile:

Reaper Cat avvy.

If it’s got catgirl ears I know it’s you. S’enough. :stuck_out_tongue:



Nod Nod

I did like your first avatar.

Kiro turtle? I think I still have that somewhere…Looks

Yes I do. I might use it again someday…like for a special thing…like my next birthday…and some other random thing!

Avatars are overrated, stop using one.

Catgirls are the hot.

I think of you as a person who posts in a way that makes my mind burn.


Your avatars make me think of hentai.

You like cats? Make this your avatar!

Poor cat, and we wonder why cats hate us. Seriously if cats hadthumbs we’d be screwed for all the crap we put them thru

If cats had thumbs, I’d be slamming a lot of doors on them.

Anything of Sinister Masquerade!

Who are you again…?