Boxed catgirl! =^.^=

But the current one is prettier.

Eden, bring back half-rotted girl avatar. That was cool and oh-so-freaky. <3

XD It was scaring people… and that was a guy. >.>;

I want to find a cool yaoi-esk (or even non-yaoi but cute guy) avatar that I can stick with for a while… my current one isn’t doing it for me… so untill I find one I like you get your wish, Person. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the most disgusting thing ever. Fortunately, thanks to modern society I’ve been completely desensitized and no longer care.

I’d have to say Catgirl death. everyone associated me with Hein from Langrisser 2. And everyone thought SG was me when he used Hein as his avvy. I have only had 4 avvies, though.

  1. Frog(CT)
  2. Hein (Langrisser 2)
  3. Richard Ramirez
    Current.: Upside down American Flag with the words “Save Our Ship” spray painted on them that I made with paint

I think if that 19 year old who was hitting on you…

Oh wait, avatar… hah, um yes… Boxed Cat Girl, I just seem to remember seeing that one the longest and durring the point you were no longer considered “new” and people were starting to recognize alot of your comments.