Avatar the Last Airbender live action movie.


Sounds cool, but who knows. He’s been on a losing streak as of late, and remember Witch Hunter Robin was also supposed to have a live action movie too.

I like the idea, although movie adaptions tend to suck, and having M. Night do it has to be one of the most random director choices I’ve ever seen.

Wow. What an odd choice in director…Is there going to be twist?

My first thought when I saw it.


LOL that is a good one, I thought about the twist thing too once I learned.

Originally Posted by Simmer!..ugh
Wow. What an odd choice in director…Is there going to be twist?

Unless that’s the twist.:eek:

Avatar’s concept is about as rediculous and cliched as Lady in the Water. I think he’s a perfect choice. I know the twist, too.

Charlie Brown is his father.

Nah the twist is that Iroh is actually Zuko’s daddy

No, the twist is that Iroh’s son was killed by Iroh’s brother to demoralize him into losing his desire to be Fire Lord, so he could take over. Well, actually that’s a theory I have about the show itself, but I can almost bet money on it.

And Avatar is one of the best non-japanese animated series ever. ::doh::

Ugh, I can’t say I’m a fan of Shymalan. Hell, Signs solidified my belief that he should never be allowed near a director’s chair. I’m clueless as to why he would be directing a movie adaption of a cartoon series, but knowing Shymalan it’s a safe bet to say that he’ll make it extremely bizarre.

And its a theory I’ve held too dude.

Hm, interesting, but I’m a supporter of the Lu Ten had his face stolen by Koh, hence Iroh going to the spirit world, being afraid of spirits etc. theory (Which I have more proof of, but I don’t feel like getting into that at the moment)

Hmm, you have a point that Iroh’s visit to the Spirit World is something that probably will have an impact at some point, Kiro. And Koh is a character that will probably return- he’s fascinating, even if I find him revolting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agreeKoh is definately going to come back big in the third season. I even thinkhe might be resoncible for the war in a way, perhaps tricked Sozen into declaring war for some reason.

Spoiler: Iroh is gonna excape from Azula and teach Aang fire bending and they shal open a can of pwnage on the fire lord, who killed his father

Everyone knows that! Unless its Azula who killed Azulon

I just want to ask everyone hypothesizing about Lu Ten;s death: Couldn’t it be possible that, you know, he jsut died? After all, he was in a freakin’ WAR. Astonishing as it might seem, people die in war all the time, and there isn;t even any greater plot to it! Really. Not everything has to be complicated and related to the story in a really direct way.

Good point, that is a strong possiblity too.

True, oh well, we’re not going to find out until the third season.

That wouldn’t create a twist though. We know he’s going to butcher the screenplay.