Atlus rocks! Part 1

I speak, of course, of Persona 3.

I just bought the Special Edition (mainly because of the Shoji Meguro soundtrack that came with, I’ve been playing his DDS soundtrack in my car for the longest) and so far, if youc an look past the passable graphics there’s an excellent game here.

The voice acting is perfect. The music fits (I could’ve sworn they reuse that rap song from SO3 in there somewhere, if anyone plays and thinks the same thing please tell me so I know I’m not crazy). The localization iis stellar. It has an interesting premise that it uses effectively and a story that could gain steam as well as a style all it’s own.

The anime cutscenes are pretty forgettable though, besides that and the graphics, the game is excellent.

I agree. The game is what rpgs should strive to be. If Atlus could pump out more RPGs like this one they could easily over through SquareEnix and Final Fantasy. But if they did that to SMT wouldn’t be a cool as it is. I know i just argued with myself but thats just how I feel.

And the graphics could be better, but the style and presentation just surpasses that so much you end up not caring about the graphics. And yes the anime cut scenes are forgettable, but they a good way to present the scenes in the game that would just suck if they were done in the normal scenes. Especially the birth of the main characters’ persona.

You know, for a silent protagonist, this guy is pretty fucking badass. Orpheus’ summoning was cool, but what really cracked me up was when he stopped the train. Yukari and Junpei were lying on the ground panicking and he just casually walks out like nothing :smiley:

I’m really loving this thing. I’m in the second month, grinding in the 25+ levels of Tartarus. My only complaint is that they went too far leaving the honorifics intact, but considering how tremendously Japanese the game is to begin with, It’s not so bad.

I am really loving this game. I just completed the full moon event in June. The game has alot of style and the music is awesome.

I am hoping Atlus localized P3 Fes…though that seems doubtful. A man can dream however.

I love the fact he has a extremely creepy smile right before he summons Orpheus. It reminds me back when i was in high school on a bus ride home from a football game. I creeped out the guys sitting next to me by doing that.

But one of the greatest things about this game is that all of the characters remind me of some of the people I know.

Heh, I know someone like Junpei. That person would be me.

How is everyone here handling their s.links?

Right now I am trying to max out Chariot (Kazushi) and Strength (Yuko), while doing bits of Magician (Kenji) and Hanged Man (Maiko).

I’ve also been working on my charm and academics. I wanted to date Mitsuru but I wasn’t able to get Academics to level 3 before midterms, so I can’t this round. My Charm is at level 5 though, and I think I can max it out in time in order to have a shot at Yukari.

Well, I just started, but I’ve been focusing alot on Kenji…mainly because I like the guy. There’s the problem of who he’s trying to date which seems a bit weird, but eh.

I just joined the Track team so Kazushi is on the way, and the old couple at the bookstore (I have to admit they were kind of random) I think they were…Heirsophant or something.

Thankfully, having played the Harvest Moon games to the point of exhaustion has given me ninja schedule-making skillz. I’m still at May 29th but I’ve got

Magician - 5
Emperor - 1
Hierophant - 5
Chariot - 5
Justice - 1
Hermit - 4
Strength - 3
Hanged Man - 3
Temperance - 1

Academics - 3 (I was in time for Mid-Terms)
Charm - 2
Courage - 4

I’m actually going to try for an all-max playthrough.

I just hit may and have

Magician 10
Heirophant 4
Emperor 3
Chariot 3
Temperance 3
Strength 1

Academics 4
Charm 2 (Just now realized that you can do stuff in the evening without killing your shot at studying)
Courage 2

The magician personae are all very handy to have around at this point in the game, as they come with lots of useful elemental skills and aren’t hard to get good healing on. Having them start 5 levels higher than normal doesn’t hurt, either.

hahahaha, FINALLY i’m on the wagon with everybody else! Just bought this a few hours ago. {after wrestling with myself and finally deciding Sacrificing a little food money was worth it} Haven’t played it yet through.

Somebody want to give me some warnings/tips?

Dedicate afternoons to Social Links and pump stats in the evenings and nights. Go to the shrine every afternoon and donate 1k Yen for free Academics points, as well as pick up a fortune which most likely will give you that 1k back. If you ever become tired, don’t waste the chance to take the shady doctor’s medicine for a bump on Courage.

I mostly do Tartarus on Fridays and Saturdays when the karaoke is out. It’s effective, though it means looooong grinding sessions with a tired character.

Better yet, just grind the night before the full moon, unless you need money. No one gets tired or sick the night before the full moon and any combat related objectives are due before you give up on that night.

I’m trying to be a man and not use a walkthrough that much on this game, so let me ask; what should be my primary concern? Academics, Courage, or Charm? I’m still at Slacker level and it’s the end of the first month.

You need Academics at Lvl 3 before 18/5 for exams, but just as long as you study at least five nights a week and get the shrine bonus as much as you can, you can easily get there.

Use Evenings to either boost Courage at the Karaoke or Charm at the Café. Courage is a bit more urgent, and remember to watch the After-School movies in 21/4 and 26/4 for an extra bonus of 4 points each (The only time I advice using an early afternoon for anything other than S.Links.)

Okay, i’m having problems again, School seems to ALWAYS pass without me being able to stop it, leaving me with only evening time. How do i do stuff DURING class damnit? all it does is pass from early morning to the end of class!

You can’t do anything during class aside from getting called on in class occasionally and choosing not to sleep when the opportunity arises. Lunchtime only exists for slinks to harass you about coming to see them after school.

Anyone’s got any tips on finding the Treasury Hand (The gold rare enemy) in the second block? I need to kill one for the Steel Medal, but the range of floors they appear in is just way too big, and then there’s the chance of not figuring out what attack type I need and have it run away :confused:

Just hit triangle at the start of the fight, and bring Junpei, Akihiko and Yukari. They’ll spam attacks (btw, it changes weaknesses every round) until finally the right one hits and kills it in one shot. After the request is over you can fight them for their drops, which are worth 10k each.

okay, a bit of spoiler here about the courage, charm, academics points here after i looked it up, If you don’t want the stats needed for ranks than don’t look.

academics maxs at 280 {rank 6} You need a rank 3 AT LEAST to pass the first and last day of exams which is 80 points. courage and charm both max at 80.

It should be obvious here what to focus on for the first part of the game.And to reach that rank need for exams you pretty much should focus almost entirely on it. top grade in the exams gives you a ton of bonus’s

edit to ad another spoiler encase i gave to much away.