Assassin's Creed games

You press ONE button to fight, it might as well me a quick-time event.

It’s not the number of buttons, it’s what you do with them. Sensible Soccer has one button (two in some versions) and has rabid fans.

I love the series and how it’s progressing.

I do too. Have you even played them? You do less fighting and more stabbing-then-running. The funnest part of the first game for me was the stalking of enemies. I remember I pulled off the second assassination in the first game (the one in the crazy house, with the doctor experimenting on crazies) without being detected at all and I don’t think I’ve felt that level of satisfaction and accomplishment in a game since. I haven’t finished the second game yet but it’s more and better in almost every way. I hope the third game is rife with Desmond jumping around New York City or some amazing thing like that.

I want to play the second game. I accidentally saw the ending of the second one and was really confused.

I kind of hope that the third one will still have some animus sequences. And that the game will be longer. Don’t get me wrong, AC2 was beautiful and well done, but I’d like to see more of Desmond’s ancestors and what they contributed while controlling Desmond throughout most of the game.

I kind of liked it story wise, but the overall thing of just pressing one button for everything. I just want a little more variety. LIke prince of persia.

Didn’t Prince of Persia have one button for jumping which was used for fighting when you got into a battle?

I don’t fucking remember.

I liked AC1 more than 2. And the controls are nearly the same as PoP :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Tim Buckley’s idea for the next one.

A Colonial Female Assasin would be loads of fun.

I think an indian assassin would be cool, but it wouldn’t really go with the story unless they got somebody else.

I don’t understand what you mean by any of this, can you clarify?

If you follow the story it’s more likely for an asian assassin to be the focus of the next game.

edit: just read the CAD comic. I love the idea, and ultimately, this is what I love about the series. Taking the next game to Renassaince Italy was brillant, I can only imagine what they have in store for the next game. And that comic site had one thing a little off; he assumes the series has to go forward in time. There’s nothing stopping it from going back further than Altair.

Why would it make sense for an asian assassin based on the story so far? Explain, sir.

The clues for it are in the ending to Assassins Creed 1. I can’t remember everything but one of the images is an island. I found it online, it’s an island in the Japanese archipeloago, and the last codex in AC2 has Altair mentioning Ghengis Kahn. Although they already stated that AC3 will involve Ezio, somehow.

Oh, ok. I know exactly what you’re talking about now. That could probably be told, but I wouldn’t see the point of it. We know what happens there.

If they traveled there, that explains why the codex wound up in the hands of Kublai Khan, who Marco Polo took the pages from and brought back to Italy, allowing one of Ezio’s great grandfathers to obtain them. So yeah, its totally doable, but it would seem kind of pointless to me. But who knows.

Also, AC2: Episodes will star Ezio, not AC3. Ubisoft should’ve done a better job than to say “the next AC game will have Ezio gaiz!”

I’m only speaking from my experience with the first game, so forgive me if the second one is HOT SHIT.

It doesn’t suck because you press one button to fight. It sucks because the storyline is contrived, the game is too short, and it feels like it was rushed out the door. You can play Assassin’s Creed once… MAYBE. I dare you to replay it doing the same retarded minigames before each assassination. And marvel at how the difficulty is artificially bumped up in the last fight, when in a STEALTH GAME you are forced to fight several people head on. Hooray! Oh… but wait… if you know how to counter, it’s still retardedly easy. At any rate… I think Assassin’s Creed sucks, but not for the poorly-thought out “reason” that GSG cites. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you should give the second one a play through if you gave the first one. It’s much better.