Assassin's Creed games

This is going to be the next Lost.

The storyline really jumps off at the end of the first game. Ultimately I think that the AC2 flashback involving Altair and that woman (and that god awful jump) will figure in. It kinda draws me away from my earlier sentiment of taking the series back before Altair. The games about Desmond and his heritage, not so much the Assassins themselves. Perhaps it could involve Altair’s sons in asia. How precarious would that be, I wonder, to be a round eye.

The woman in the flashback is Maria. She’s the Templar woman Altair spared at the end of the AC1. They get closer to each other in AC: Bloodlines.. As far as Asia, I suppose we can only wait and see.

I liked AC2 a lot more than AC1, it just felt much more polished (even if it was so bloated it could barely support its own weight). For AC3 I’m actually thinking the French Revolution would be an awesome backdrop. Can you think of anyone more Templar than Robespierre? :smiley:

I’ve only played the PSP version but its a lot of fun! I love sneaking up on the Templars. Some times I reward the holy ones for their good deeds with a one slash trip to heaven and martyrdom and the sinful ones go south without suntan lotion!

The psp one… What the fuck?

Wow. If you actually enjoyed Bloodlines, play the main series. Much better :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that my newphew has the xbox 360 I intend too