Argh, Blasted Ants!

<img src=“”> It had to happened. Just like every summer, the annoying little buggers that we all dread has emerge again…the ant. They crawl on your legs, go after your crumbs, and tend to be very annoying. Even when I type this sentence, two ants were walking around on the computer desk, fanaticly heading toward some crumbs I need to vacuum up tonight. Does anyone else share my similar hate for this pest?

Sheesh, and I thought the mice problem from eariler this year was annoying…

Mice and ants? Dude do you live in a barn?

I jest. I dispise them as well. After looking at them run hysterically in circles in massive groups, I tend to get dizzy and disgusted. There’s only one thing I hate more than a rash, and that’s a rash of ants. Crazy little buggers swarming around on the pavement or playing follow the leader. It’s so gross. I could never stand looking at colony insects for long.

I have a bigger bone to pick with spiders those. keep those nasty little shitters out of my house please. I go pee pee at the sight of them.

:hahaha; cookies for Evangelion. Yeah I remember first year or so in this new house there would be a lot of ants and then my dad sprayed some stuff all along the foundation of the house; they be no more.

You should probly stop smearing honey all over your house and body

A honey roasted Rirse!

I shoudl also mention that we had an infestation of hornets about two years ago. They had a nest under the siding of the house by the front door, so they’d ALWAYS be in the living room, but it was weird. They were extremely stupified and slow moving, and there’d be about 7-8 of them swarming by the window. It was gross. We beat the little bastards down with a fly swatter and a lot of Raid.

I loathe ants very much. I usualy go out of my way to step on ant hills and/or pour hot water down them.

When we moved in our new house, my dad found a hornet’s nest underneath the back deck. Instead of calling in a pest removar service, he grabbed a hockey stick and our fire exstinguisher and went after it himself. Took down the entire nest, without even a single sting. :cool:

For ants we usually get those little RAID traps… The ones with the poison food inside of them. If theres a bunch of the little buggers running around outside, I take a pot of boiling water and just dump it in the general vicinity. That gets rid of them good.

In CA and some other states, its pretty easy to have ant problems without being able to do much about it. You can avoid invasions to a certain extent, but not always the damn scouts.

Spiders are awesome. Spiders eat flies. Flies are not awesome. Flie are Pierson’s great phobia. >_<

Ants are the reason your keep your house clean! If you have a clean house you’ll have far less odds of having an infestation of the little buggers.

It doesn’t matter if your house is spotless, they’ll still invade. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing you can do is plug up any cracks you can find in the house and set up a bunch of those Raid trap things.

When I was a kid and whenever I saw ants on the bathroom counter I’d drown the suckers in toothpaste. Don’t do that anymore but damn thats slightly messed up ^ _ ^;

Fry them with butter!
Eat them like popcorn!

My dad gets mad at me every summer for lysoling the suckers. Can’t have poison everywhere because of my cats ^^

This is the first time my house has had them. I just walk around with a can of raid all the time, like a 6 shooter from the wild west. If i see one then i just drench the fucker in it. It’s like swimming in raid.

Tends to leave a nice big black spot on and carpet or furniture, but hey, at least i killed the ant.

Bugs are disgusting… That’s one good thing about the winter. No bugs.

I spent some 3 years developing a super specific inseticide against ants, and then, this year, I discovered a really good one in my room. Spray deodorants. At least the ants I’ve met so far don’t like it. They avoid areas where I spray it as if they were fleeing from predators. Also, when I spray directly on them, they seem to instantly dissolve into pools of brown droplets. Kinda gross.

The deodorant I use is akin to Axe. Which, by the way, has much the same effect. It also kills mosquitoes, with the very cool effect of their wings falling after some amount of spraying (though it takes much more spraying & time than with ants). It freezes small spiders in place too, and then they slowly rot to death.

I’ve had similiar success with Arrid spray deoderant. Really puts the buggies on their toes. I try to avoid killing spiders though, as they generally take care of the mosquitoes and flies for me. In fact, theres a spider living in my bathroom right now. His name is Mr. Samsa.

I have one called Hammock. It’s a big female. But it’s not much an effective hunter.

You should whip it into shape and train it to be your minion of death. Then you can let it breed and soon you’ll have an army of spiders at your command!