Argh, Blasted Ants!

All I want is a GM spider to bite me. Maybe then I would get a life.

How about a GM Goat?

Meh, we have tons of ants around here. One day, I noticed a whole freakin’ line from our food closet to the bathroom. Creepy it was.

Okay, so how do they keep the sil from sticking to the milk in which it is dissolved?

And back to ants, I like watching them for hours and hours. Even better if the weather is extra sunny and I have a detective glass.

Mmmm. Fried ants.

On another note, we don’t have ants this year, we have cicadas. Like flies, but about an inch and a half long with red eyes. And they fly into/cling to EVERYTHING.

Cicadas are clean. I wish I could have the chance to hear them singing someday. From what I read, cicadas only appear for a few days every other 13 or every other 17 years (according to species)

What we have is Brood X of the seventeen year cicada swarm, which is the largest one. Three days into the infestation, and they were literally coating the trees. And they’ve just started dying off now, about three weeks later.

And their singing? It was nice until all of the cicadas started singing at once and my ears would be ringing after as little as five minutes outside.

What did they sing? :smiley:

I’m being plagued by ants, but I put out some Raid and am carrying around some insecticide. Bring it, bitches.

Although I still like our rat problem less. shudders

…It’s called clean up food that’s sitting in the open. There shouldn’t really be any opened food lying around anywhere other than the fridge, and ants don’t normally go in there. We don’t have an ant problem, and we live in a 30-40 year old house. Hell, we don’t even have a mouse problem.

I don’t leave food out. I’m a pretty big clean freak and they still come for me. I dunno anything about ants and what they want, but maybe our house is just in their way.

If we’ve had a really wet summer, my house tends to get invaded in the winter. That hasn’t happened too recently though.