Are you looking forward to the new television season?

I’m kind of looking forward to NBC’s underwater suspense show, Fathom, I think its called, with the sea monster. I’m also looking forward to looking at watching a whole season of Lost without fear from Smallville distracting me.

I’m definately looking forward to Lost. I caught the pilot of Prison Break a couple days ago and I’mhooked on that already.

I haven’t had cable connected to my TV in like 4 years.

You can get antenna TV or download BTs. Both are free.

Let’s see…

I hate television dramas.
I hate “reality” shows.
The last good sitcom was probably Seinfeld.

No, I don’t really care about the new television season.

Hiryuu: You should give Arrested Development a try if you’re looking for funny TV comedy. Stella is also good, but Arrested is really great.

also, I’ve never really been an avid television watcher, but I have to admit there are a few shows this season that I’m quite interested in, like the aforementioned Surface and Prison Break. I’ve even contemplated getting a Tivo.

The only tv I’m interested in now a days is cartoons… and the discovery channel. and space. I’m not really looking forward to anything new this “season”.

Hey, you guys’d be into the second season of Lost now wouldn’t you?
'Cos it’s coming out here in May or so next year!


I just want to see the new episodes for CSI and CSI: Miami. Those are probably the only two dramas I watch on television and they’re surprisingly good. Will Petersen has cemented his identity as a badass.

Lost, CSI, ER, House M.D. those are the ones that I can at least remember waiting for. Too bad Life on a Stick probably got the boot, it was kinda funny. Medium was good, wonder if that will continue; Two and a Half Men was amusing.

Maybe i’ll watch the next Amazing Race, not sure about the next Survivor. I only got into Survivor in the first season Rupert was in, Pearl Islands maybe. Same with Amazing Race only got into that recently too 5th season, sometime last year.

CSI, Nip/Tuck, and House M.D., Baby :slight_smile:

I used to watch some prime time tv shows, but not anymore. I just haven’t seen a sitcom or drama that I care about in years. I don’t even watch local (Puerto Rican) channels anymore. These days I mainly watch G4 (the video game channel), its shows are pretty good, too bad they rerun them constantly. I also watch cartoons like Avatar and Justice League. However, I do keep an eye for the ocassional good tv special or movie; last night they aired Thief of Bagdad (1940’s version) in Turner Classic Movies, I hadn’t seen that since I was a child, it was a great experience. :slight_smile:

As for Fathom, everything I’ve seen so far makes it sounds like an aquatic version of ALIEN, I probably won’t bother to watch it unless I find out that it has new spin to it.

There’s also this SF show, the 4400, in Cable. I only recently discovered it, it’s about 4400 people who vanished mysteriously then suddenly reappeared after years with no memory of where they where, and they begin manifesting psychic powers. The government is after them to learn their secrets; the whole thing is set up as a mystery. It’s likely about Alien Abduction, but it could also be a fantasy or even a religious story. Sounds good, but I missed a lot of episodes. Anybody else here seen it?

My current TV watch list:

The Ellen Degeneres Show
E! Channel News
X-Play (G4) (The show is annoying, but the game info and screenshots are good.)
Best Week Ever! (Vh1) (reasonably funny and keeps me up to date on the pop culture gossip.)
Cinematech (G4) (just compilations of video game CGIs, lets me see sequences from games I’ll never play due to lack of skill, like shooters.)
The Tonight Show with JAY LENO! (NEVER miss it. Where do you think I get my lame jokes? HAW HAW!)
Saturday Morning Cartoons, mainly WB’s. Favorites: Jackie Chan and Yugioh
Teen Titans
Justice League Unlimited
Zatch Bell

Shows I hate with a passion and can’t wait to see disappear into oblivion: American Idol, Fear Factor.

I’m lloking forward to Family Guy of course. I’ve got back into watching the Simpsons on Sunday and some of the episodes have been pretty awesome. I’m mostly looking forward to the Smallville season premiere though on the 29th.



Lost-I missed a good deal of episodes in the first season. I want to see it all this time.

Nip/Tuck-I want to see how the show is going to move on. Will it stick to semi-soap opera like story arcs? Well, I don’t mind that too much, I just want to know about the Carver and of course, the good doctor Christian Troy.

House M.D.-American Idol would come on before this show, and it’s placement probably helped it become a hit show. The cynical main character is…well, more interesting to me than, say, some of the characters in ER.

Prison Break-Best new show I’ve seen so far.

Reunion-Every episode is one year. It focuses on a group of friends and…betrayals and such over the years or something. I suppose it could be good.

Alias-Yeah, I like Alias. That’s about all.

I haven’t had it the last 10 months, and I really don’t miss it.

I, however, am not looking forward to hockey. Blake likes hockey, for reasons I can’t begin to fathom, and that means I’ll have to deal with him talking about it, constantly, as well as watching it. Gah. I wish they’d just have another lock out.


Oh, Alias! I forgot about that! I’m looking forward to that too.

There already was one. It was an '80s movie called Leviathan.

Lookin forward to CSI

That one new show, “Call me Joe”…or something like that. I saw a commercial for it at the movies. He’s done tons of bad junk and he thinks bad karma is out to get him now, so he’s trying to right everyone he’s wronged. “#142 : I stole a car from a one legged girl.”

The new Law and Order (and SVU). I’m a huge Law and Order fan, I love every minute of it. More CSI (Vegas, not NY or Miami, I don’t really like the casts on either one of those), and the new 24, plus Family Guy.