Are you interested in trading your SOUL?

Hello, I am Ren Wormsworth and I am here to present you a new way to gather a lot of money and power really fast.

My business has to do with your SOUL. Your SOUL, or Stuff Of Unending Life, is that alter-ego of yours that goes to heaven or hell when you die.

Well, since it’s not you going there, but rather an alter-ego, it is no use for you. Therefore, you may simply discard it. But think of it: you could trade it for something else.

“But hey”, you ask, “who would be interested in my SOUL anyway?” Well, I am. So, how about receiving something in exchange for that thing you would not use anyway?

If you need some guarantess, I may give examples of people who sold their SOUL’s for power, money and fame. Think of artists such as Keanu Reeves, Michael Jackson, Maddona, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzeneggger…

Interested? You may contact me at #icq 114890600, or through a private message at this board. We will then discuss the value of your SOUL. Satisfaction <not> guaranteed.

The remains are leeking.

<img src=“”> Yeah, ok, that’ll be $5,20. Oh, and here’s a mop, there’s a spill in aisle 3.

Yes I am interested in trading my soul, for say… a sandwich? no! make that two sandwiches!

haha sucker!

Man, souls have lost nearly all their value here at RPGC. Virtues are the way to go! Anyone want to but some integtrity, maybe some patience?

Only thing I’d trade my soul for would be the Sega Saturn version of SotN…and some gummi bears, cuz I’m hungry. :slight_smile:

I’ll give you my soul … If you can snail mail me Lunar SSSC, Lunar 2 EB (both PSX), the entire Suikoden series, a GameCube, the GC PSO, and the entire fansubbed Rockman.EXE series from episode 16 on!!

Nuh-uh. Remember what happened last time you sold your soul?

Yes, he went AWOL and his female personas took over the account.

And I did a pretty good impersonation of Yar in a PM!

Hmmm… I don’t even believe in heaven and hell, so sure, I’ll trade. :slight_smile:

I want… … … … … … EVERYTHING! :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything? Even the kitchen sink?

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
Yes, he went AWOL and his female personas took over the account.

Was that a bad thing?:slight_smile:

Woah, piece of babel made it’s way over…:fungah:

Yes it was, Manus, because it ended up with graffiti on my avatar!

Still, seeing the girls in charge was kind of nice!:slight_smile:

Originally posted by Manus Dei
Still, seeing the girls in charge was kind of nice!:slight_smile:

No, it wasn’t. They were acting like jerks.

goes on a murderous rampage against people who are trying to take over the soul business because IT’S HER DAMN BUSINESS

Only 3 SOUL’s… minor haul today >_<

No Yar, I can’t give you everytihng. Will a bathtub duck do?

I’m thinking about trading my soul for some pizza and beer but I was just wondering what you plan on doing with all these souls?

i’ll sell my soul to whoever wants it for the low, low price of $2,485,012,382,950,273,588,449,054,332,968.02 in u.s. dollars…

continues her murderous rampage

Zhou, money is not the problem. You see, even Mr. Reeves sold his, and for a highger price than that…

The use I give to SOUL’s depends on what is on demand at the moment. Right now, I am reselling them to a buyer who will turn them into Spawns.

And Cala… flashes a card This is my license. I figure you do not have one of these.