Are you a packrat?

I’m just a little curious, who here is a packrat when it coems to RPGs? You know, like you collect one of every item/equipment in the game, never sell anything unless absolutely neccesary/you have a spare, etc. I do this a lot, and just want to know if anyone else does.

Oh god yes that’s me in a nutshell in RPGs. -_-

Let me tell you one thing: Better safe than sorry. And I feel far safer when my lone ranger has enough equipment with him to equip a small army. You know, just in case.

Yeah, because you never know when that small knife and buckler might come in handy.

Yep I sure do know I am. Not only does all this stuff come in handy, but if I don’t need it, it makes one hell of a yard sale that can make me rake in the gold, gil, dollars. etc.

Cavelcade, that comic is funny as hell! xD I could definately see God doing that to mess with us.

I admit to being a packrat, always have and always will, I love just keeping everything I get ahold of, well at least 1 of the item, even if I have limited inventory space… should really see my inventory in FFXI lol…ugh

Many a man’s life has been saved by the +3 / +3 bonus a knife and a buckler afford.

I keep some things, but only as long as they’re not totally outclassed.

IE: I’ll keep the Thunderblade, Blizzard, and Flame Sabre in FFVI at least until I can start buying Enhancers. Then I sell. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s kinda code for giving you multipe items somerewhere but i can’t remember. I just like raking in the dough.

i always do that. In my FFX file, I still have everyone’s original weapons/armor. I always keep everything in RPG’s

Yeah, I definitely look up to find (and do) everything on my first playthrough of a game (which is usually my only one.) Unfortunately, most modern RPGs are making it damn hard to find some things (like the Legendary Weapons in FFX) and some can only be found in the SECOND play-thru (like some of the bonus stuff in Wild Arms 4) Man I hate that!

oh God, Wil, don;t tell me you bought WA4! Please!

Not a packrat per se, but I have trouble throwing things away, because I attach meaning to even the most miniscule items.

Generally, no. I’m becoming more of one as I play games where I can actually use older items (like with the alchemy pot in DQ8), but I don’t like the clutter. Also, I like money. :smiley:

…O-kay, I won’t tell you.

whistles innocently :ah-ha!:

You know, I used to. Until I played FFIX and you get to that dungeon where the only weapons that do damage are the ones you started off with, same for armor. After that dungeon I never saved anything ever again.

Wait… so you used to do it until there was the one dungeon ever that actually justified keeping your old and outdated armor from the very beginning of the game… and then after it, you never did it again? I’m kinda confused.

I just bought the Diablo II battlechest package Tuesday and started with Diablo. Because of the ridiculously small inventory allotment you’re given, the center of Tristram has become more or less a dumping ground for everything I can’t bring myself to sell off.

Was Tristram in Diablo II as well? I think I must bury out my copy…

Tristram was in Diablo 2, but it was deserted and overun by monsters, including a horrible zombie Griswald. Not a place you want to stay for long.