I much prefere Gala apples to Fuji apples, as Gala apples have a much more sweet undertone, and Fuji apples tend to be more tart and better for pies (they also brown easier!)

Now, i may like Gala apples, but don’t get me started on how much I hate Red Delicious. You see this one time, a guy was selling them, and it was full of botulism, and i was bed ridden for 8 years. I later found out that that applesalesman was none other than Benito Mussilini.

And thats why i wear a black shirt on thursdays.

I like the red kind?

you know, if your not going to post anything serious in my thread, then don’t post at all.

Red Delicious ar emy favorite kind of apples. Too bad they aren’t always available up here. The Washington ones are great

Dude, Mt. Fuji apples fucking rock you.

Serious? We’re talking about apples.


I’m a big fan of Granny Smith apples. Mmm mm. Nice and green and sour. Get 'em just right and they’re like lemons.

There’s an orchard not too far from wher I live…you give 'em a couple of bucks and you get as many apples as will fit in the bag they give you. During the right season, they grow the BEST golden delicious apples EVAR. The ones you’d get from Stop 'n Shop are nothing compaired to these babies…and they get HUGE.l

There’s an orchard near here too. They grow cooking apples. You climb over the fence and loot the place then sneak out. Honestly, I don’t know who owns the orchard, but nobody is ever there and the only way in (aside from the fence) is to go through the bus station, into the private car park.

What about oranges?

Applecore, Baltimore, Who’s your friend?

green is better.

I like argentinian Manzanas. As for the citrical fruits, I like ponkan (a kind of asian tangerine)

Yes Sorc, seriously. <i>Apples</i> have more than one kind.

I like tomatoes almost as much as I like apples. Tomatoes are so useful for so many things. And they’re red like apples too. But you can’t eat them like apples or that’d be gross.

I LOVE Eating Apples. I’ve been known to eat 6 in one day.

Big Nutter

I know of a couple girls who ate tomatoes like apples. i always stared at them in disgust whenever they did so, it just looked repulsive.


What about Onions?

What about Apple Macintoshes?

Nice but I want FF11.

Big Nutter
I having trouble finding a PS2 network adapter