Apparently my sister is gravely ill.

This whole ordeal started when my sister was born. She has irregular patterns mentally after birth, and ended up with too much brain fluid (seratonin?) being produced, which was flooding her brain. She almost passed away, but she got a shunt implanted into her head. It is not visible. She has to get it replaced/repaired every year or so. She has had about 300 needles in the past 6 months. Just recently, she has been diagnosed with epilepsy, after 17 years of this shunt. She was prescribed with carbamazepine pills to help stop seizures and faintings. However, we recently discovered she was not epileptic after all. But after 3 months of taking these pills, there has been a rather odd side effect. The pill basically creates CYP450 enzymes which are released from the liver, through the body. These enzymes are generally acidic, and can damage the liver and/or stomach lining if not taken in proper doses, or in an appropriate manner. My sister almost died today; she had about 70 seizures this morning, each with about a minute inbetween them. She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. She is still having seizures, but not as severe. We believe she has undergone liver damage, and might need replacing/repairing. She was falsely prescribed with epilepsy pills, even though she was not epileptic. If anyone can scourge any more information that I might want to know, please do.

That sucks.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. She was born with some form of hydrocephaly (water on the brain) and its really dangerous because the pressure it creatres inside the skull can lead to brain damage and death and yeah they use a shunt to drain excess fluid to another place in the body so she doesn’t have issues. So what happened here is a situation where she’s lived this long with the side effects of the condition she was born with and an idiot doctor fucked her up. You always have to be careful when dealing with drugs because altering the biochemistry of your body is always a 2 sided event. I’m sorry about your sister, there’s not much to be said except let’s hope the damage isn’t permanent. The liver’s pretty resilient… Call a lawyer. You can probably sue for malpractice.

Why don’t you ask a doctor about it

Sin, I’m 16 years old. I can’t do much about this; but I can, too, hope.

Cless, I’ve yet to speak to a doctor myself, but my sister is with a multitude of doctors as of right now.

Sue 'em.

My sister did have epilepsy for the longest time. Didnt ever think she was going to be cured (often they arnt). I forget what meds she was on. But she finally got out of it. Dont know how, but she did.

But ya, misdiagnosis, thats bad. Plus if you can prove it caused this, youre in some money from the doc. just make sure you get a good diagnosis on this new stuff, and save all the paperwork. youll need it in court.

The doctor who is seeing my sister said the faintings, and seizures were promoted by the pills she was falsely prescribed.

Talk to your parents about sewing. I know it sounds extreme, but if a liver operation/transplant in necesary, it’s not so extreme, escially after a mis-persciption. Those are expensive. What does she have that the doctors thought was epilesy? Retard doctors.
Anyway, hope everything turns out good.

Best of luck to her.

Um, the seizures? The pills’ negative effects, according to the first post, were liver damage, not that they induced seizures (although constant pain in the liver could have induced or encouraged seizures)

Guys… I dont think giving Setz tips on sueing people is going to do anything. I really doubt he is going to be the one fighting in court, or even the one making the decision whether or not to sue.

Anyways, I hope everything works out, Setz.

I meant the original condition that they misdiagnoses for epilepsy.

Uh… yeah. The original condition was recurring faintings and seizures. Both effects of epilepsy.

My sympathies to you and your family.

My sympathies too. I hope she’ll get better, and that the prick responsible for such gross malpractice gets what he deserves. People these days are too quick to prescribe potentially harmful drugs without thinking about the consequences. And when they don’t do that, they discharge people from hospitals, dismissing their symptoms, and then they turn out to have a wrongly-diagnosed health problem that kills them.

Well, let us know if there’s an improvement on her condition, all right?

Man, I’m sorry… if I knew more, I’d say… but yeah… sorry dude!


I want to know why you made a topic earlier in the day about your quasi-relationship, when your sister was having SEVENTY SEIZURES (which seems atad more serious)… without coming off as a jackass though.

I heard about all this after I made that half-relationship post. :stuck_out_tongue:

My sympathies go out to you. Medical fuckups have done a lot of damage in my life as well, so I understand what you’re going through. Hope your sister pulls through.

See, people do care. Including me, anyway. Best of luck.

Is your sister hot?