Apparently my sister is gravely ill.

I’m very sorry, my prayers go with her.

I wish your sister the very best. And MAKE SURE something is done about the prescription mess-up; the same thing happened to my mom once, and she was sick for weeks when she should have been better.

Thanks for responding without flaming me, I really didn’t want to come off as a jackass, I just didn’t see the correlation in timing. But I hope everything works out for your sister.

Fuck you.

Psycho Penguin, it’s fine. Actually, I see no reason imaginable to even have thought of flaming you. :stuck_out_tongue:

My sympathies as well, even if we have been a little antagonistic to you in the past. But that was over some more trivial things, and like in Izlude1984’s previous thread, I won’t wish ill on someone over some trivial things. Best of luck.

Sorry that happened to her.

Verry sorry to hear about your sister’s situation. Hopefully, as Sin said (and he knows about this stuff) your sister may recover if she stops having the wrong treatment.

And yes, suing the people responsible should definitely be done, but leave that to your parents. Your job is to give your sister (and the rest of your family) all the support you can.

For what it may be worth to you: my prayers go to you all.

Sorry for offending you, I meant it only in jest.

No, seriously, I hope everything works out for the best for you and her, and that whoever messed up gets exactly what he deserved. My sincere condolences.

We’re praying for her.

On the main page, this thread appeared abbreviated as “Apparently my sister is…” I could only finish that sentence in one way with my imagination.

At least she’s not a slut. No one wants a slutty sister.

Speak for yourself