Another Video Game Lawsuit

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Oh cripes, not THIS again, God.

The families of the victems should be suing the parents or guardians of those kids, not the game companies. But if course the company is a big, faceless corporation with billions of dollars, not to mention it makes a better story, so who cares about the responsibility? Do what you can to become famous and rich!

I agree, it’s the parents fault.

grr Yeah, blame it on the new media, why don’t they? It’s always easier to pin it on music/television/videogames than it is for someone of kin to actually take responsibility. I’m getting really sick of hearing people whining about how violent the media is…problems like this would NOT go away even if the whole of the gaming industry didn’t exist. =P


Just wonderful… and I suppose the parents are going to blame Sony for providing their kids with a “black monolith that trains people to cause mayhem and shoot at cars.”

Look… if you have kids that are stupid enough to do things like that, then it’s YOUR fault. Obviously, you shouldn’t have had kids, because it’s pretty obvious now that you are unable to teach them right from wrong and plop them in front of the TV set to teach them the way of the world.

So stop blaming videogames for your failure as a parent. If you want this to stop, pull yourself away from whatever it is you do all day after working and spend time with them as they grow up. Ask them about their day, tell them bedtime stories… things a parent is supposed to do.

Dude if my kid every blamed his actions on a video game I would have to beat the snot out of him so he could blame them on me.

It will be a sad day when I see that parents start blaming RPGs for their kids problems.

“Video games are evil! My little boy taped a cap-gun to a kitchen knife and stabbed at my next-door neighbor screaming “I don’t wanna be alone! Lion Heart! RRRaaagh!” It’s all Square’s fault!”

Or “My son doesn’t trust the church; he thinks they’re secretly gathering information on him so they can beam him up to a hidden space station and either work him in a slave mine, or turn him into canned food!”

These parents just make me so angry, but make me laugh so hard. And you know what’s funny? The parents let the kids buy the games that CLEARLY say “M FOR MATURE” on them!" I’ve heard instances where the store clerk refused to sell the game to a minor, and the parents barged in, yelling and screaming!

That just proves how stupid parebts can be

Well, at least they’re suing Wal-Mart too.

They don’t want to place responsibility and/or blame where it truly belongs [the kids and the parents] because…


…They want a big litigation payoff! Just like on them there high-falootin’ high-profile celebrity lawsuits. The kids aren’t gonna have any money, and neither are the step-parents.

But Wal-Mart? Rockstar games? They got some of that there Cash Money! Not that any ammount of money is going to bring any real closure in the wake of dude dying (hint: Closure does not exist; there’s no such thing; if you truly care for someone who dies suddenly and tragically, you will always miss them and there’s a little piece of your soul that’s always gonna be missing; Closure only happens when you didn’t really care about the person and don’t really miss them).

And most of the money, should they win (and let’s hope they don’t) is goin’ to pay legal fees. Their attorney sees a chance to cash in – win or lose – here, too.

As long as we the people are falsely attached to this idea of The Right To Cash In On Our Tragedies, this is going to happen again and again.

It’s not about truth or placing blame accurately, it’s about cashing in. Follow The Money.

Exactly! They probably actually would have preferred if the bullets hit the drivers, because that could have meant more money that they could try and siphon off of Rockstar. And people who blame videogames for school shootings and such aren’t quite the people that should be running around with large cash settlements.

Anybody wanna pay me to kill the stupid people? I mean I’ll do it for free and all, but I’d rather like having money for a new change of clothes so I can throw the bloody ones out afterwards.

If the kids are stupid enough to be easily influenced and corrupted, well then, blame their upbringing. Always said that.
Sure the game’s might’ve played a minor role in showing a false reality allowing certain things to be okay and appropriate (whereas in real life they’re not) but any idiot who is playing a video game should know when they’re attmepting to cross the line into watching, and watching/believing.

Don’t bother. If you kill them for blaming videogames, they’ll find a way to blame videogames for it.

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Don’t bother. If you kill them for blaming videogames, they’ll find a way to blame videogames for it.

I’d be killing them for being idiots, not for blaming games. The game thing would just be the reason I could easily tell that they’re idiots.

That doesn’t change the fact that they would blame videogames for it.

If they did I’d kill them too. I feel a genocide coming on :D~~~~~~~~~

Damn litigation happy Americans and their quick fixes, and their blame throwing. How about looking for people who are actually responsible for the actions? First: those who commited the crime. Second: you know what? Anyone else doesn’t matter. Sure the parents should have rasied their kids better, and sure the gun should have been less accessible, but there is only so much parents can do, and the gun was in a locked room, so it’s pretty obvious who is at fault. Did Wal-Mart or SCEA or the other companies give these kids the gun? No, they took it of their own free will. Children over the age of 5 can tell the difference between what they see on TV and real life, so it’s complete bull to blame video games. Children have played war as little kids since long before there were electronics, who did they blame random murders on then?

The big problem returns to the belief that enough money can solve anything. You won’t find people saying this, but actions speak louder than words they say.

This is just pitiful.

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I just wish people would remember that they have a thing called free will. The game didn’t turn into a person who put a gun to the kids’ head and ordered them to shoot at cars. My god! They broke into a locked place to get the guns! This shows they knew what they were doing. Lock’em up for life I say!

Exactly, it’s the individuals choice to act upon these urges or whatever. Nothing can force a person to act on a decision…that person can be motivated or frightened (etc) to do so but in the end it just comes down to the person’s will…