Another refugee from Gamefaqs...

Hi, im new to rpgclassics. The site was recommended to me by my good buddy GGcrono4. I hope the mods here arent as blind as the ones at Gamefaqs, who would’ve thought that putting SPOILERS in a topic title isnt a warning for spoilers. Thats the logic of gamefaqs for ya. Anyway a little bit about myself, name is Matthew Kincaid and I’m 15 1/2 and am Philipino/Romanian. I know 3 forms of martial arts and 3 foreign langauges. I pretty much mastered C++ and Javascript and adept with several 3d modeling programs (so if any of you need help with programming/3d creation, just ask me :-D).

Well thats my story, hope to get to know you all :).

We have a spoiler button instead, and spoiler tags, we like em very much and provided they’re used properly, we’re fine with it.


Yup, this SOBs a friend of mine. Be nice. :wink:

And like the topic name implys, he’s anotherone who I convinced to abandon Gamefaqs.


well, hi. I think you’ll really come to enjoy this place. I, too am from gamefaqs, but you really will find it MUCH better here.


BTW, if anyone is intrested, check out my new thread for an RPG that I’m making called “Soul of the Machine”!

GGCrono are you advertising RPGC at gamefaqs?

Originally posted by seed007
I know 3 forms of martial

i guess i better not mess with you then huh?

hehe, just kidding…welcome!

GG be pimpin’, yo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhoo, welcome new person.

And I like GameFAQs fron non-RPG games. Sheesh, lighten up.

Nope. I just have a couple friends who frequent there. Who I have now “converted”. :slight_smile:
I havn’t been to the gamefaqs boards myself in a LOOONG time.

[This welcome message was deleted by a GameFAQs moderator]

Welcome aboard to RPGC! :slight_smile: I’m glad you decided to make the right choice and NOT go to the GameFAQs boards. I’ve never been there, but I don’t INTEND to, either. The moderators here are anything BUT blind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Open message to all GameFAQs moderators:


[ackbar] It’s a trap! [/ackbar]

…I’ve always wanted to say that. :slight_smile:


Phoenix, we already HAVE an Ackbar, 2 is twice the trouble X.x

And yeah, GameFAQs r teh dev0l. Welcome.

But for god’s sakes, NO MORE NEWBIES >.< We’ve surpassed our monthly quota X.x

I’ll be good. X.x

Yea, 2 Ackbars would signal the end of the world…

Or something like that, at least… Anyway, it’d be bad.

We mods work REALLY hard. So yeah you’re safe. Welcome. And woot, another martial artist. You roxor.

Hey newbay!

P.S. According to my guess, this’ll be the last newbie.

Until the next one…


im guessing gamefaqs mods dont allow nearly as much yaoi as these ones do

Welcome to the RPGC Family.

Give me your sanity and I will give it back in a couple of days. Honestly!

And check out my music.