Another refugee from Gamefaqs...

Oh! Oh! Would it be possible to turn my sprites into a 3D model? =D =D =D

Edit : I did not meant the current RO ones you see here, but rather some old SD3 Mage I used for a long time. If you are interested, I’d post them

Hi there :kissy:
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Originally posted by Kagato Toujou
[b]Welcome to the RPGC Family.

Give me your sanity and I will give it back in a couple of days. Honestly!

And check out my music. [/b]

Man, he only just got here, and you already want him to join the Tree?

Oh, ey dere. I’m Val, learn to love me, almost everyone else here does. Either that, or despise me and everything I stand for, that’s what everyone else does. And dis be my Inner Child manifest, who I just call YV.

digs a toe into the ground and blushes at the sudden attention Hello there…

Originally posted by Cala
Yea, 2 Ackbars would signal the end of the world…

<img src=“”> Not without pushing a few old ladies down the stairs.

does the welcome dance

tickle attacks newcomer

Welcome to RPGC, where lemons grow wild and free.

Where exactly is this tree of much treeness?

Oh, and there’s a whole buncha useful information that will save you some humiliation if you read it.
It’s called the rules page.
Check it yo.
P.S. Welcome dood

Greetings, and welcome… I am PC Glenton, local thi… local property relocater of the boards.

But, can I ask you to donate $100 to the Relocater Support Fund?

The “tree” is the RPGC Family Tree (which I am part of)… It’s weird lookin’. More like a web if anyone ever drew it. I put it all into a .txt file, though. Weird, I tell ye.

Well Welcome to the ultimate gaming experience, you’ll ever have!!

I used to spend ages on the GameFAQs boards myself, but after a month, or so, it just really repetative. Either people asking for info about something that has been asked a million times, or people asking ‘hey did anyone ever know…’ when it is a fact already reinforced a million times over that people still don’t beileve!!!:thud:

Well anyway, welcome, and YbcA!