Another one?

Is this old news and I don’t know it?

I’m trying to think of what Nintendo could do for the next step here. I guess we’ll just see.

I think it’s pretty ridiculous.

This seems like a pretty stupid move. The just released the DS which does what people pretty much want the GB to do. Not only that, but since they are both portable products, they will be in competition with each other.

Goddamn it Nintendo. I was planning on getting a DS. Now I’ll have to wait and see which of your systems pans out better.

Psst: Nintendo. Quality, not quantity, is why you used to dominate the market. Yeah, quantity helped, but it was in games, not systems.

This is another reason why I don’t get a new system when they first come out. The first reason is that I usually can’t afford it.

Nintendo made it very clear before releasing the DS that it was NOT the successor to the Game Boy (as silly as that sounds). Why is everybody so surprised?

This is stupid. Get more games for the DS out, but geez, not another game boy. -_-

Let my damn DS live his life.

Nintendo should have concentrated on getting more third party support for the GC, instead of pumping out handhelds every three minutes.

My diagnostic is that they’re idiots who don’t know how to properly read news.

Or worked on giving it a more online GC games rather then attachments

Well, if any of you had actually paid attention to the various DS news reports you would have realised that Nintendo admitted that the DS is just there to bridge the gap between the GBA and the next GB system. It was never intended to be a successor it’s just a ploy to get profits. The DS line will only continue if it makes enough money to warrant it.

Oh, I’m sorry I don’t read every single news story and press release about Nintendo I find. I’m just commenting on how I find it ridiculous, it doesn’t really matter what they’re actually doing.

that’s ridiculous. What are they going to call it? gameboyadvancespultramegaedition

Who the fuck cares besides the stockholders?

Oh that wacky BlueMageOne with his rhetorical questions that answer themselves. Well met, sir.

What’s a DS? o.o

A new portable from Nintendo. You live in europe (sorry if you don’t) right? Its comes out March 4 for you guys. It has 2 screens and one of them is touch controlled.

Anyway, i typed out this big post, and then realized i could sum it up by just saying:

The DS wasn’t going to do the fight against the PSP. The GBE (Game Boy Evolution) was. Nintendo didn’t expect the DS to be popular, they’ve had the design for years, just sitting on some shelf somewhere, and they expected to to hold the PSP off a little, and then they’d drop the GBE and finish the job.

But now that the DS is popular, they had to change their marketing stratedgy from “the DS is not the new Game Boy” to “there will be a new Game Boy, some time, some where, but we don’t know when or in what form.”

Right now though, most people expect the GBE to be nothing more than the final version of the GBA. =\ Yea, thats right, there is going to be ANOTHER gba.

Funny, I didn’t hear about that. Guess it wasn’t all that clear.

Slow the fuck down?