Another Korean dies playing SC,1280,-5202090,00.html


He must’ve been so ronery.

Good riddance. If you’re stupid enough to make your exit that way, you entirely deserve to be mocked.

“Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the former.”

–Albert Einstein

One more out of the gene pool… really, it’s tough being considerate with nutcases like these, social pressure or not. I wonder who was winning.

I think it is fascenating that lots of news articles on this subject refer to starcraft as a “battle simulation game”.

I bet his allies got mad at him for leaving in the middle

I bet he smelled horrible

God even i know video games are for enjoyment now and then but comon don’t get carried away.

These guys give new meaning to “Have fun goood luck don’t die”

see this is why I never talk to people on online games.

:moogle: I wonder if he is still loged in on the computer.

Crap, you beat me to it.

I’m thinking he must have a good conection >.<

Cybercafe man. T1 line shared 20 ways is still pretty fast.

man, so many people get addicted to Online Play, they just can stop…

Somebody had told me they conducted a research of how many hours the human body can handle videogames, 44 hours(don’t know if it’s true).

I don’t see the point, what are the odds that guy would have sired offspring anyway.

dam straight XD

I’m not sure whose line I liked better, Cless’s or Epic’s. Can I keep both? :smiley:

Really though, don’t people have anything else they have to do in everyday life? I guess he was already paying the price, though.

Yeah, pornography.

I bet the little fucker was playing Terran, too.