Another Korean dies playing SC

peh this sounds just like the guy who shot himself in the head after losing at everquest cept thers no gun and just a heart attack

Whats wrong with terran? o.O

Terrans are the race that are the most efficent but takes the most micromanagement (most “pro”)

Actually, I’d argue the Zerg are the most efficient. Then again, with all of the jackasses whining ‘NR15!’ nowadays, the Zerg have lost their killer efficiency. Honestly, if you can’t build a good defense early on, you don’t deserve to win. You deserve to lose, fairly, without some inane and arcance rule protecting you.

I’ll agree Terran are long term efficient, and a good race, once you learn to use them. I just happen to hate them from a personality perspective. As in, I refuse to play as them outside of campaigns because I hate the race so much. I’m actually better at them than I am Protoss, I just really, really, hate them.

You guys can turn a conversation on someone’s death while playing SC into a theorycraft thread. That’s so sick.

i think it’s entertaining…

it seems like zerg couldn’t be the most efficient, just because their units are so cheap and expendable. this is atleast, if you base efficiency on how much damage they can do with the least cost.

Well all three are basically rounded off to be about the same effectiveness

Terrans are the most efficient given enough micromanagement. You can do a huge battle losing very few, if any, units, and they have the ability to heal/repir ANY unit back to full at minimal costs. Protoss and Zerg can hardly boast the same thing.

Well in the right hands a player can beat anything with da zerg or proto

Just another example of Darwinism in motion.

i’m not a monkey :frowning: