Anime vs. Mangas

Out of the two, which do you prefer?

  1. Anime (shows, movies, etc.)
  2. Manga (volumes, magazines, etc.)

You can’t really compare the two, both have their moments, there are times when I just want to read book and other times when I just feel like watching TV, but I can’t say one is better than the other.

Okay now you’re just comparing apples with oranges. How can you prefer against these? They have their fair share and don’t need to be compared with.

I would say that I prefer Anime, for the sole reason that some things that can be done in Manga can’t be done visually (I know the same goes for the other way around, but what the hell).


Depends on the series. For example, I prefer the DBZ manga over the anime, but I prefer the Love Hina anime over the manga.

I like both.

Anime has it’s advantages and so does manga. For example, the style used in the Furi Kuri manga is cool and suits the series, but is impossible to use in an anime.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages…

/me looks at his manga pile
/me looks at his anime cds

Arg! cant decide, I guess i’l say both :too bad;

Manga, most anime is just pointless filler crap, whereas manga gets to the point quicker.

Since I have never been able to read any form of manga, I will have to say Anime.

Seriously? Wow… Some manga is good (points at Megatokyo, Wendy, DBZ, Akira)

I’m more of a manga person myself.

I love to read, doesn’t matter what.

Anime. It just brings the whole thing to life in ways that manga can’t.

Originally posted by Pierson
Seriously? Wow… Some manga is good (points at Megatokyo, Wendy, DBZ, Akira)

For the most part, I wouldn’t consider Megatokyo a manga, but an online comic done by a guy who seems to make his income from it and various other things (like making it into a book, merchandise). Just 'cause it looks Japanese and has [limited] Japanese writing doesn’t mean it’s a manga :stuck_out_tongue:

But would you say the same thing if it was only released in book form? No one ever said that manga had to be completly Japanese in orgin.

Anyway, I think it is, and I have a Megatokyo Volume 1 signed by Fred Gallager, along with a sketch of Ping, so I’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
'cause it looks Japanese and has [limited] Japanese writing doesn’t mean it’s a manga :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the qualifications for being manga anyway? Seriously, cause I don’t know. I still think MT rules though. ph34r l33t 4g3nt Largo.

Epicgamer; You lucky dog. I curse living in the UK again. We get nothing decent, anime-expo wise.:thud:

I think this is where the term “AmeriManga” comes into play meaning manga style drawing but totally done and published in the US.

Yup, that’s the stuff. But I still don’t see why it can’t be considered ‘true’ manga just because it wasn’t done in Japan.

Convention? HA! I wish. I drove an hour and a half to a small ass anime store that was filled to the brim with insane fanboys/girls. I got extremly lucky and was fifth in line and even then had a hell of a time finding my way to the exit. I couldn’t even get any pocky on the way out, there were too many people… But I got to talk to Piro and Seraphim about the Cowboy Bebop movie which I didn’t get to see, which was awesome. I need to find a scanner and show you people the sketch and the signature.

yeah, but at least you get SOMETHING. We get nothing.