I’ve noticed that ever sicne the incident with the girl I’ve built up a great anger. My anger isn’t so bad that I do stupid things liek destroy things or hurt people, but ti still gets me and you know how they say anger builds up. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys do when you get angry. My anegr flares up when anything doesn’t go my way. Like just now I was watchign a movie on TV and my brother wants to watch “The Daily Show.” Right now I’m so pissed off because fo that. I want to just yell at him and say know, but I’m still keeping ym cool. It’s jsut, I’ve skipped shwos numersous times because he was watching stuff, now I gotta give up my shows because he wants to watch soem stupid show. Not onyl that, but he asked me whiel I was watching stuff on Iraq (flipping channels during commercials and saw it). It’s like he is ignoring that I have avery good reason for keepign tabs on what is going on over there. Not onyl that, but he started to change the channel before the segment on teh news was even done. Back to the topic, what do you guys do to help reduce or control your anger? I’m thinking that this could be why I’m lashign at some people here more than usual.

I wouldn’t really recommend hitting walls, that tends to hurt more than help…Try reading or listening to something like Enya or Bjork, that might help keep you calm.

Pillows are good for <strike>biting</strike> screaming.

I used to, for a while, go into the backyard and like hammer nails into a board, something that let ya hit something but ALSO forced you to concentrate on something other than the source of your anger (and thus calm down eventually)

Chopping wood would be good too, though I didn’t have that option.

[STRIKE]Punch your brother in the eye[/STRIKE] Play a fighting game, on easy if you arent very good at them, that helps me… I just pop in Capcom vs SNK2 crank it down to easy and go at it with Shin Akuma… Nice and relieving… MMmmm

By being aware that the issue isn’t whether you have the “right” to be angry, but whether you gain anything by being angry. Anger has never helped me.

Have you asked your ass mongrel of a brother that you wish him to let you see the news segments you want to? Also the Daily show’s last episode should be aired the following day, i think.

How about shoving the remote down his throat thus making him swallow it and punching him to change the channels?

I take it out on the message board

You’re all a bunch of assholes

Refresh us on the girl thing.

Anger problems?! Play Pac-Man 2: The new adventures! The joyful, calm and peaceful mood will set you in the right mood. Wander through 4 levels of puzzle solving, guiding Pac-Man via a slingshot and poitning him in the right direction!

When I’m po’d, I just fire up ZSNES, and let poor ol’ Pacco have it. It cools ME down easy.

if your really angry you should try destroying watermelons with sledgehammers.
it allows you to simulates violence and gore without getting in trouble.

:moogle: or you could just watch an episode of sailor moon.
nobody can stay mad while watching sailor moon. its been prooven.

I dunno, I never really get angry…but when I do, well, that’s when I review movies!

Seek an anger management counseler.

No I don’t do that, since I don’t build up anger, but people who do should.


Try just punching something like a pillow. Either that or just listen to some relxing music.

I rip old newspapers apart.
And I listen to soothing music.

Well… I don’t get angry, but what I did last time was that I punched a tree. (A large pine)

Try being angry while wondering if the pain mwasn that you’ve broken your hand. It’s kinda hard ^^;;

Cry it out ^ ^.Or do what i do (besides beating the crap outa my sister) you can meditate with incents,or soothing music ^ ^

When I’m angry, which is often, I tend to bottle it up until I can release it in a massive explosion where foozballs go flying off the table. Foozball is good, because it’s fun and if you’re good you can beat people, which always makes you feel better.

Why didn’t I type that?Same thing with foot ball ^> ^

Me, I don’t really get angry. I know this is a slight cleaché: I’m to stupid to get angry!

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