I punch and kick the crap out of the punching bag hanging in my basement, or go paint something. I find that I paint a lot quicker if I’m really ticked off, so at least I’m doing something productive with all that energy. >.>

Thanks guys, I’ll take some fo these ideas in to consideration.

Well, if you think you can do it without saying anything you’d regret to your bro, you could watch the Daily Show with him. It’s actually quite funny.

Whenever I get really pissed off I pop Grand Theft Auto: Vice City into my PS2, go on a rampage, kill a few dozen people and poilice officers, then jack a hot car, pick up a hooker, and have some fun. Great stress reducer.

It isn’t jsut about the Dialy Show. I’m fine with the Daily Show, I just don’t like having to give up the TV, espeically when he and my sister watch it almost all day everyday. Not only that, but I was in the middle of watching a movie whcih I didn’t get to see the end of.

Ask him to tape it or tape your movie? I know it probably isn’t about the movie, but you can probably solve pretty much any conflict if you try for some other solutions. Now, I <i>think</i> I know a bit about the mood you’re talking about, I think I’ve felt something like that before, when my cousin moved away to the middle of another country, and I usually calmed down by thinking of a situation in which I might get angry beforehand and then making a promise with myself on what to do, or scripting out what I’d do in my head (which was usually to do what I would <i>normally</i> do, if I wasn’t in a bad mood). When I actually get into a situation like the one I thought up of, I’d automatically start doing what I scripted in my head. And afterwards I wouldn’t have to worry about doing stuff I’d regret and congratulate myself on my willpower, or something. Heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

You still seem to be missing it a bit. It isn’t about the movie, it is abotu having to give up the TV for something he wants to watch when he watches TV almost all the time. Also, this is a very small part of my anger. Solving this, which happened a couple of days ago, won’t stop my anger. My anger dates back to July 24, when I found out about the girl thing happening. That was a catalyst and now minor thigns set off my anger. This thread is mroe about releaving the anger so that it doesn’t build up. There are too many things that set me off. Like right now your misunderstanding is really starting to tick me off. This sin’t soemthign that should or normally would anger me, but right now it is. It is about releasing anger, not the specific incident.

Yeah, I know it isn’t about the movie. Did you read the rest of my post?

I often play Marvel Vs. Capcom, with Roll and Ryu… but then Roll starts getting smashed, and I switch Ryu into his Akuma mode and hammer those guys with Messatsu Gou Hadous and Tenma Gou Zankus… although sometimes the game gets me even more ticked off, especially against Gambit, Strider, Jin and Hulk.

I did, it is just that some of your post is about solving what happened a couple of days ago and acting like doing that will help the anger. I did miss your last line though and that does make sense. It is a nice point.

Ah, sorry if I was unclear, the movie thing wasn’t really the point of my post. What I really wanted to talk about was that scripting method.

Try reading something that makes you laugh. Go get a Dave Barry book or something. I find it helps if it’s something that you find funny and is not inappropriate

there are a few things i like to do when i get pissed. my first resort(when i have a PS2 or Xbox handy) is to play GTA Vice City and kill cops, but then i get pissed cause i can’t do it in real life :stuck_out_tongue: so then i decide to listen to something upbeat and energetic(Rusted Root’s When i Woke comes to mind for me) and play a good strategy-rpg. and then if that doesn’t work, i play the best game of all time…Chrono Trigger(my opinion, not neccesarily everyone else’s)