And now, a story from college life. Very serious. Pay attention.

So there we were in class, last lesson on the Swedish writer’s course (NOOOOOOOoooooo… world… turning… bleak… ;_;). The teacher went on about the evolution of the course, not too interesting.
Suddenly a note was pushed into my sight, from the guy on my right side, David.

Look! Lisa’s been bitten by a vampire!

Looking up, I was reminded of the sight of a classmate having a big band-aid strapped to the left side of her neck.
Despite not being able to remember if I ever sent notes in class, I couldn’t keep from writing a reply.

Oh dear. Now there’ll be another lesbian vampire orgy.

The reply took him two seconds to present.


The end.


  • Aplause *

IT’S HORJAY!!!11!!!1ONE!!!1

Roffle my waffles. XD

Lesbian vampire orgy sounds like a very bad pr0n.

You know you’ve spent a lot of time here when that’s the first thing you think of to reply with.

Weilla!! Fuud! Tita!! Cilgehk… Melgehk yht Mexiet Ajanofrana… E lymmehk y Luta BEHG Essateydamo. E uh so Fyo!!!

I thought I was your Vapire Chick… Wha. Code Pink?

That’s not Good. I think I know why He ask me To learn this spell. Summon Piano!!

OUFF!! Did Some one get the Number of that Hammond?

Big Nutter (+ crew)
Erm Thanks, I think.

SCENE: Two HOT LESBIAN VAMPIRES walk down the street.

Hot Lesbian Vampire 1: “I sure do love sucking blood!”
(An army of zombies suddenly comes over the hill.)
Hot Lesbian Vampire 2: “Oh no! Zombies!” (Proceeds to kick monumental amounts of zombie ass, pausing briefly to have hot sex with HOT LESBIAN VAMPIRE 1.)


SK: Hai!

Pierson: The scary bit is that I read that just yesterday night O_o

Too bad they’re not twins, otherwise I’d have an excuse to shout that old ToB phrase.

NAKED LESBIAN TWINS!!!1111111111111oneoneone

Good times.

I was expecting something more. But still teh funneh.

I miss the edited polls.

Ahh the Classics on The RPGClassics… Brilliant.

Big Nutter
What are those Orange things around your Feet aren’t Limit Breaks. … Ovedrive… Run For Cover…

IT’S NEKKID!!!11!!!1ONE!!!1

Huh? You make little to no sense BigNutter.

Question: Do you like Moogles?

[/li][li]So, so…
[/li][li]What’s a moogle?
[/li][li]Merlin and Sinistral loving each other tenderly in the nude on a desert island.

Zero was an artist.


reminsces about the good ole’ days

When I was unbanned in the chatroom. :wink: