And I thought people couldn't get any stupider..... -.-

Seems I was proven wrong

How the FUCK does a cheeto get FIVE freaking bids ?! O.o

You have to admit, though…that IS an interesting cheeto.

:hahaha; That’s a pretty funny looking cheeto, I’m surprised anyone would bid on it though.

Well, some people collect wierd attractions like this. Must be hard to preserve, though. Rather crumbly, I’d imagine.

Edit: OMG! My 666th post! I’m evil for the moment! C’THULU FTAGN!!!

Fuck, when i uesd to eat Cheetos I would get a few of those, I’m missing out on some cash.

I wonder if it’ll get crushed in the mail…

You spend too much time on ebay, DG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah really, how did you ever come across that, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

“Aww man, they crushed my Cheeto!”

No. Just wait; it’ll get sent, and half of it will be finely-modelled clay.

You’ll all be surprised when its sitting in a museum valued at 1/2 a million dollars… Thats the 8th wonder of the world. I’m gonna bid.

See, folks, that’s how I’m different from y’all. You think this is bad news, I say it’s GOOD news.


Cuz I’m gonna set up an eBay account, head down to the shop on the corner, buy a big ol’ bag of cheetos, and I’m putting every last one of 'em up on eBay! And I’m gonna line my pockets!!!

Booyaka! Bling Bling, mofos!!! Word.

That was disproven before you even finished thinking it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dammit, you beat me to it.

edit - $4 for shipping?!?

You must be joking, right, well i just looked and i edited my post to say that i indeed was proven wrong also. and even so it could be worse. check this don’t wanna say what it is, so check and see for yourself.

Meh, sometimes it’s not what you’re buying so much as it is the stigma surrounding the purchase. In this case, it’s not a particularly expensive item, and it could be an interesting conversation piece down the road. It’s probably more the humor behind the idea of this bid than the actual item that’s making the sale.

I’d hit it.

This is the result of people having WAY too much time on their hands.


What if someone bought just for the novelty of eating a big ass cheeto rather then showing it off.

I think there’s a guy somewhere who collects potatoe chips which looks like the faces of American presidents… the mind swirls.