An epic tale as old as the bible

Well, maybe not that old, but the Smurfs are really old. And besides, a badass Grouchy Smurf and Papa Smurf is hilarity.

I would TOTALLY go see this movie. Well, except I wouldn’t, since apparently smurfs are communist, and I hate commies.

The smurfs are a bunch of misogynists, taking advantage of the low representation of women in-camp and disrespecting her unique personality and needs, viewing her as a sexual object.

Not to mention the low minority representation

I wonder who played Brainy Smurf?

Are smurfs a fungus?

Well, in their defense, Smurfette wasn’t born, she was created, as a ploy by Gargamel at soem point to try and capture them. Or something, I don’t want to think about it that much.


Wait if Gargamel can just make Smurfs why does he need to capture the original ones?

Because the script said so.

And that trailer makes me think of the Nac mac Feegle.


Because the originals taste better…

I thought he needed Smurfs to make Gold, or whatever…

I hate you lil smurfs!

Is this live-action?

That seen with the ‘smurf all over my smurfs’ was so hot.

EDIT: Oh, and even if this wasn’t smurfs, it’d be awesome. Because it would have Meatloaf. And he makes everything great.

No, really, I’m confused now. Did he need Smurfs for stew, or for Gold?

I think it was gold.

I think Gargamel actually found both options agreeable.

I prefer stew. His cat also does.

So, not only can smurfs be used for eating, but they can make gold, too? Wow, they must be some sorta alchemical phenomenon!

Did the guy from the castle ever even mention stew?? I thought he was only interested in gold.