An epic tale as old as the bible

I’m quite amazed they haven’t been hunted to extinction O_o

Eh, Lead can be used for both gold and eating, and nobody thinks there’s anything special about it.

So Smurfs are made out of lead, too?! Wow, I’m learning all sorts of neat stuff in this thread! =D

MAyhaps they are fashioned of rare BlueLead, a blue metal that can be used to fashion fully sentient beings. At last, my research comes to fruition!

They also cure cancer. They also make nice chias. Yes smirfs. A growing market where you can buy low and sell high! Hooray Stock exchange!

Technically they are. I don’t see them on tv anymore.

Smurfs are hot. Especially Papa Smurf.

Luckily. I hated the Smurfs and their Smurfing. Go Gargamel!