Am I???

Am I the only 10 year old here???


whoa, there’s a 10 year old here.

you’re also the only one that makes stupid threads about you being the only 10 year old here. like you’re trying to attract an 11 year old girl or somthing. are you a boy? I dont know.

Be nice, Charl >=(

… I’m scared and oddly glad my sig isn’t up anymore >.>;



Hey hey, she actually acts a lot more mature than some of the teenagers we have/had here :stuck_out_tongue: (MASTER_FARUK!!!)

Oh is this TDs sister?

eerrr Steves* hello! steves sister! sorry I was mean!

No, my sister is banned from the computer for the summer cause of you and like, 2 other guys, charl :stuck_out_tongue:

lights up a cigarette banning well deserved.

Thank you Steve, for making me imagen horrable things involving your sister :stuck_out_tongue:

And maturity may be, but now we all have to cut back the inuendo ;.;


what happen?

nothing, actually. Charl had nothing to do with it :stuck_out_tongue:
She was cussing out her friend’s mom on MSN, and apparently one of them was flashing people via webcam. All this my mom found out via chat logging that MSN has ^.^

Lets just say I have no idea what he’s talking about takes a puff


K miss 10 year old. Wtf are you doing here?

We don’t need some random pissed off mother jumping onto RPGC for being a bad influence.

but we do need YOUR MOM!

Ahh memories of being bitched out by snooty-assed moms for being a message board demon. Thanks Steve, I had almost forgot.

Those women are pyschotic.

Besides EZ

You’re the only 10 year old now, but we used to have this pretty cool kid named BlackMage, who was 10 or 11 I think.