am I the only person who hates cell phones?

am I the only person who thinks that thos damn things are th worst invention known to man?

Thank you for your compelling argument and reasoning as to why they’re the worst invention known to man.

Anyway, I don’t hate cell phones. They’re handy if you’re not at home and need to talk to someone, and don’t want to hunt down and use a pay phone.

There’s nothing wrong with cell phones, only with most of the people who use them.
(That’s one thing I learned working at T-Mobile.)

I dislike cell phones and the only reason I would use one would be if I had a car crash or something. I can understand why you would hate them, because I know alot of people at my school just can’t stand to be away from their phone for 5 minutes.

I haven’t had a land line for well over 2 years, I use a cell phone exclusively.


I avoid using phones altogether. I hate phones.

My cell has RO on it :3

You’re just jealous because no one wants to talk to you.

I love cell phones. They make it easy to keep in contact with friends and family. It also reduces the chances of playing phone tag. It is also nice to have one number to be reached at instead of several. Also, if just the person has the phone, when you call someone on their cell phone, you are pretty much gonna get them.

Well, I said most of the people, not all of them.
Someone people with cell phones are good.
Like me. And Epic. :3

I like them. They’re really handy. Now that cameras are pretty much included in every phone you can document acidents imediately after they happen.

I personally don’t use one and don’t want to.

I prefer IM and email.

I don’t have one and have no intention of getting one except possibly to carry around for emergencies. I don’t like the idea of being reachable 24/7. It’s almost like you’re chained to it. It constantly interrupts you when you’re doing whatever you’re doing (unless you turn it off, in which case there isn’t much point having one in the first place).

If I do get one, be sure that no one but immediate family would get the number.

jealous because noone talks to me? when someone calls me at home I cant wait for them to finnaly hang up a let me off I hate talking on phones in general, but I loathe the fact that I cant go to Wal-Mart and see two out of three people talking on one even worse when I’m at a restaraunt and someones talking on the phone while there eating never even taking the phone away from there face as there shoveling the food into there face and then you see so many people driving down the road while talking on one not realising that they are greatly increasing the risk of a car crash, or maybe they do and dont care because they just cant stand to be away from the phone.

simply put it seems its “cool” to have one. the fancy restaraunt scene in Freddy Got Fingered further examplifies this

And me. :3

Spare the hyperbole, zhare. The worst invention ever? Please. What about the rack or the iron maiden, or perhaps the atom bomb? Unless, of course, you mean “most shoddily constructed,” in which case I’d still disagree. There are much worse inventions than cellular phones. In fact, I find them quite useful, if slightly irritating.

Considering my college doesn’t even have regular phones in the dorm rooms anymore I use my cell phone for all vocal long distance communication. The only reason my roommate bought a phone is because he uses Verizon, which doesn’t work well on campus (he foots the bill).

Zhare, I hope you realize that using “Freddy Got Fingered” as your primary piece of anti cell phones argument evidence undermines your case.

More like it’s expected that you have one. It’s almost as pervasive as the internet. Anyone who doesn’t have highspeed is just about considered a Luddite.

Like Cid I don’t like the idea of being chained to one, which is why I don’t give the number out unless to friends and family.

Regarding cellphones, do you find it convenient or a little overwhelming that they’re integrating so many gadgets into one device? It seems like an eon ago that phones were made for only talking.

I myself thought they were just gimmicks added on to entice people to buy the phone. Now the gadget geek in me is wanting in.

I find mine useful for communication at more convenient, but less than private, places. I mostly use it to call someone, find an out of the way place, and talk to them when I’m on the go rather than at home sitting on my ass.
I’m quite busy so I guess it comes with the territory.

I mean, It’s not like they were invented for people who are really busy all the time and can’t always be at home or be arsed to pay at a pay phone and all that at any given moment.