Agora Restoration

So Nul’s doing the real restoration. I’m doing little piddly stuff (namely colors; fie on you, Hades).

Blue’s back. The others will follow when I get a few minutes here and there. All of your favorites like 984 Purple, Go You Silver Britches, and Tutti Fruiti will be back soon enough.

[strike]Looking at create-a-thread, it appears some smileys still aren’t back.[/strike] Fixed.

If there are any technical problems you see with the Forum (such as missing images or such), let it be known in this thread.

Hey, I can’t log into my account. I’m Jettatura. I keep getting incorrect password, even though it’s correct because I was logged in 5 minutes before it started happening. Can someone fix this for me?

During registration, the registration variables aren’t replaced:

Thank you for registering, $username. An email has been dispatched to $email with details on how to activate your account. Click here to return to where you were previously.

Does it give you the ‘fifteen minutes thing?’ If it does, try and login here, if not, try and reset the password. It’s possible the database has a few issues as I restored it from a filesystem backup and not a SQL.

Excellent. Thanks.

Whoa… RPGC blue is a lot starker… is it the borders? Did they used to be white?

It’s the borders. We used to not have them.

They used to be black.

Will HTML in posts be enabled again? Well, at least for staff members.

I disabled it because it can be used to break the forum ( and because you can’t use the

 tag with it enabled. ) It can sadly only be permitted on the forum level, so I can't make exceptions based on usergroups. 

What code is it you needed?

I was waiting for someone to view my Eagle Eye thread and wonder what the hell was with my post…

It’s good that you disabled it though. With the popularity of AJAX, it’s pretty easy to mess around with accounts because one can make fake HTTP requests in a post, which would go through as whatever account is viewing the post.

For avatar selection, I only see one at a time.

Fixed. It’ll display eight at a time now.

And now we have Cecils again. Excellent.

I notice that we now have some features we didn’t have before, like bookmarks and tagging. Did we upgrade something?

Yes, we’ve upgraded from 3.6.4 to 3.8.2; which’ve added social bookmarks, anti-spam features, social groups, tags, search cloud, a new profile layout, albums, etc.

If I may make a suggestion?

Since our favorite everything is no longer in the sidebar with our name and avatar, it might be a good idea to substantially increase the number of characters allowed in such.

I’ve increased the favourites from a maximum of thirty characters to a hundred.

Minor issue, but could we get HTML back?

Preferably not. It breaks things. If there’s something you need done that can’t be done with existing bbcode, let me know, and I’ll see if I can’t add a new custom bbcode to fix it.

Tables would be nice.

The main RPGC page keeps giving me a JavaScript error; someone please remove the onload event or make the function return.

Forgot that would happen when I removed the menus. Fixed.