Agent Smith vs Goku

Let’s assume Goku somehow lost his ability to blow up the universe, and is only as fast as Agent Smith, and that Smith lost his ability to clone himself. They can still both fly, though. On pure martial arts power, who do you think would win?

Agent Smith is a machine, so he has some definite advantages there, HOWEVER, Goku has this strange ability to NEVER DIE in a big showdown type battle.

I thin it’s a pretty even match.

I would!

Goku can still Turn SSJ you know >.>; :booster:

Agent Smith would win. He only exists in the Matrix (except for the human who houses him, who isn’t really Smith at all), and in the Matrix, only The One can truly kill an agent. Goku isn’t the One, therefore Smith would own him.

That, and I hate Goku.

I agre with Erdrick, for much the same reasons.

I think Goku would win.

As much as I like Goku, I have to go with Smith.
Goku’s solution to all battles: Power up to a HIGHER level and unleash physical destruction.

That’s not going to work against a VIRTUAL opponent (unless he blows up the Matrix itself- wich might require blowing up Earth as well.). Smith is actually smarter, he would find some weakness to exploit.

We must also call into account that in both of their respective programs, evil tends to not end up winning. Just sayin’.

According to the series, didn’t Goku destroy the earth to save it from Majin Buu?

Or maybe Majin Buu just destroyed it…


Smith would win, because if he came close to dieing, he could just go into someone elses body.

Now that I think about it, couldn’t Smith just go into Goku’s body? Since Goku isn’t unplugged from the Matrix?


you know i did make a speacial rpg thread for discussions like this a few days ago.
why dont you settle it there. :moogle:

Because this is a poll, and polls go in the polling forum?

thats not what i meant.

aw screw it.

i voted for goku. because even if he dies some one will bring him back for some reason. :moogle:

That would be true, but one of the conditions was no cloning. That includes turning someone else into him AFTER he dies :stuck_out_tongue:

Agent Smith would just call forth his massive army of Elves to defend the castle from the orcish invaders.

What were we talking about again?

BMO wins!

Yep, although agent smith likes to talk, hes not a moron opponent like nearly every friggin character on DBZ. Where as the DBZ bad guys have the 3 episodes of “Mwa hahahaha, I am the most powerful fighter in the universe, and I will make all sorts of icky things happen mwe hehehehe!!!”…
Agent Smith however, is insane, but not STUPID. “Hello, Mr. Kakerot (however the fuck you spell that)… Its time to die.” is all that he needs to say. And maybe taunt goku with periodicle explinations as to why theres no way he’ll ever die.

And of course, goku will be all like “OMG WTF LOL BBQ!” and smith will absorb him and turn him into an other Smith.

Case and point: Smith was the only cool part of the Matrix, whereas, there wasnt anything cool about DBZ… >_<

I truly hope you were just saying that to be funny.

If you meant all those things in real-person language, then there is a flaw there. Spirit Bomb requires that he take “donated” energy from other living beings and throw it at something. Nothing is alive in the Matrix to donate the energy.

Not if Smith has already killed everyone else, like Buu did.

Besides, they’d probably have to use the Dragon Balls to get Goku into the Matrix in the first place, and so they’d have to wait another year before they could send him in again.

A weakness Smith could easily exploit would be to capture Chi Chi, Gohan, Videl, Pan, Goten, etc. and say, “You die or they die.” Goku’s so stupid, he’d let himself die. And of course, Smith would just kill the others anyway.

PWNED. :enguard:

It would be a very interesting match,but I have to say that Goku would win,Smith is cool and all but Goku has a lot more expirience in fighting in the air,plus i believe he is much more nimble than Smith.So my vote goes to Goku.

Oh, I thought you meant cloning as in when he turns other people into himself by sticking his hand in their chest.