After a short study on panels in U.SaGa

As far as I know the panels that raise stats and the panels that raise elements seem to be under two different classes. In other words a panel that is likely to raise elements well will not do so for stats and vice versa.

I also realize low spirit and low endurance can mean death. So that is a definite priority. So here goes the priority.

  1. Endurance is prioritized over the element affected there.

  2. Spirit is also prioritized over the element affected there.

  3. I will either prioritize magic or an element depending soley on my desire for forbidden spells.

  4. Next I will look at the element affect to skill and the element affected next to strength.

Example. Pretend Strength and Fire are affected together as well as Skill and Water. Now pretend Strength growth is 5, Water is 3, Fire is 5 and Skill is 3.

If I want to be good at magic, I will go for raising fire over strength and go for a skill weapon to use as I raise my skill stat over water. If I want to be good at fighting I will raise my strength stat over my fire stat and my water stat over my skill stat.

Let me give an example using Michelle. Michelle has a very good water stat, but it is affected by her strength stat spot. Hence forth I’d make her use skill weapons so her water stat can be good as well as her skill stat. Thus Michelle would use purify well and bring on the pain with a bow or a knife or whatever.

I hope this makes sense.


It makes sense, but I really wouldn’t have expected it to work that way =O. Also, what exactly do you need to cast Forbidden Magic? I’ve had 0 luck in any of my files to ever cast Forbidden Magic -_-;;

Demonite is the main material. Apparently you make an accessory out of Demonite. Never tried it myself to be truthful. Not a fan of forbidden magic honestly.

i’ve only seen one piece of demonite, and it was in a game with no forbidden spells (yet), as for what you were saying on skill panels, it makes sense, and i should probably pay more attention to which stats/elements are connected in the future…

I had Judy cast Forbidden magic. You have to fuse a staff out of any old material (I used a wood type. cedar, I think) with demonite as secondary. Then you just hope it has it.

But you’re better off not getting it. The damage is hideous. I thought Seal of the Abyss was going to show the world whose boss. It did the same damage as Judy’s Fire Arrows. The only useful one was Blaster which has a high frequency rate for auto-killing. But even that’s no good since taking damage increases your character’s max HP, so death at the outset of battle isn’t good.

Magic as a whole is unbalanced in that game. All one needs is the easily learned Ice Needles. Awesome damage, hits all enemies, pretty much guaranteed LP damage.
What gives?

Forbidden Magic’s main problem is the damage is only based on the magic stat. To be honest I don’t really care for it much myself either. I prefer sticking with the other magic types for the most part.

IO! I’m really lost in this game! My girlfriend give it to me, so I have to end it. But… I’m a newbie! I don’t know how to grow up my characters in the best way! I haven’t magic in my group! Please help!

Rather than type it out here. Go to Gamefaqs. Aka now go to the search and search for Unlimited SaGa. Then check out the FAQS section. You have Joewoof’s FAQ near the top. This will tell you basically how the game works and everything. It will eventually be updated too. It’s written to be basic and explain the system. Double G has specific character walk throughs. These will be good for you if you want to know what to do in a specific quest. The Panel Ability FAQ will tell you what each panel does. The panel growth FAQ explains how the system works. As in what causes what stat to grow. It should give you a better idea about things. I’ve even give some ideals. And finally the Panel Bonus guide tells you just how much each bonus is worth. Ie how do you get for a joint bonus of this? A line bonus of that.

If you read those FAQs you should have a better idea on how the system works. If you still have questions feel free to ask again. However it is easier just to have you read those then for me to type out. But I can suggest for you a nice set up idea if you can get it.

If you want to use someone as a strength use then try to do this. First it would be good if their strength is at least 3. If you get level 3 punch, kick, or throw then put them in the middle three panels. Ie middle left, middle right, and the very middle panel itself. If you manage to get level 4 kick and level 4 punch put them in the top two panel spots. This will give them a very nice level of strength. If you want you can try to have the member learn kick and punch skills. In the bottom right panel you want either a level 4 spear, level 4 axe, or level 4 sword panel for this person. And of course to know good techs for it. The bottom left panel is for a dump spot in this case. So put whatever there.

Someone who is going to use skill weapon should have a skill growth of rate of at least 3. When you manage to get key panels put them in the top left, middle, and bottom left spots to preform a line bonus. In the end level 4 keys in a row is your best bet as level 5 is very rare. Plus a line bonus of the same level gets a level bonus. In the top right and middle right spots you want to put punch and kick panels. Hopefully eventually at level 4. This will raise your skill level by a good amount, but it will also help your endurance. The middle left panel should be either for a Dagger, Bow or a Gun panel. Eventually at level 4 hopefully. The bottom left panel should be for a replacement panel.

Doing people as mages is a bit more complicated because where the elements are effected varies by member. Also there are various bonuses to consider. And then there is the matter of whether or not to use familiars. Ie familiars are good for casting free spells and they do give a magic and spirit bonus, but you may find there is no point having them once you learned enough spells yourself and may prefer to use that spot for something else.

One ideal is to have a punch and kick panel in the bottom left and bottom right panels. Many feel magic and spirit are highly important stats in regards to using magic. Plus spirit is an important defense stat anyway. And the endurance bonus will be good to have. The middle three panels should have familiars. This will give a bonus to spirit and magic. Plus it allows the said member to have access to several free spells to use under the familiar members. The familiars you should choose vary by member. But in general you want at least Fire or Earth, Water and whatever else. The top left panel should be for your replacement panel. The top right should be to put down magic tablets.

And finally you have hybrids. Those who use magic and fighting. Which can be anyone you choose of course. However what you want to look at is magic vs fighting. Ie you are either going to use skill and spells or strength and spells. It all depends on how the elements are set up on the grid. It varies by member over all. Your general best idea is to think like this. “Her strength is higher than her skill. So she will use strength based weapons. I will concentrate on the element(s) that do not conflict or conflict the least with strength.” or “Her skill is much higher than her strength. So I wll concentrate on elements that do not conflict with her skill”

Now as for learning spells. While you are on adventure you may find a tablet. Ie something you pick up. When the adventure is completed you can put down the panel on one member instead of putting down one of their preset chosen panels. Unless you really do not want to learn anything off the tablet, you should give it to a member. As tablets vanish after you complete the adventure. Ie you have to put down the said panel at the end of the adventure or never put it down at all.

Once the tablet is down you need to learn spells. But before you do make sure the member has one of these things.

A. She must already know a spell. Ie she knows detect aura already. It’s a fire art. So if she has an item with fire arts she can cast fire spells. Of course newbie mages won’t have a spell prelearned. So there is still B and C.

B. Have a familiar placed on your grid. A level 1 familiar is all you need. Just so long as it can cast a spell. This in general is the best bet for newbies trying to learn spells.

C. Buy an item from a magic shop that under “note” says allows anyone to use whatever. Allows anyone to use detect gold for example. With such an item equipped you can cast the said spell easily. Be warned this special power is lost if you forge the item at a black smith. Quick Fix instead.

Now with the ability to cast a spell go to an adventure. Have the the status menu brought up by pressing circle. Go to magic tablets. Choose the member with R1/L1 if I remember right. Now choose the tablet. It should usually say something tablet. When it asks you to study it then press X. Now go into battle. Have the member use a spell during battle. She must not just choose it as an action. It must be actually used in battle.

Once the battle ends the tablet will bring up 3 of the however many spells it has for you to learn. You choose a spell to learn. Spells vary in how long they take to learn. In general some spells seem to get learned fast while others take awhile. Once the orange bar is full the spell is leanred. However only for that member. If the tablet has more than three spells left it will randomly decide which three spells you can choose to learn between. Once you learn all the spells on a tablet it is mastered. You do not need to keep the tablet to keep use of the spells you learned. However they do provide bonuses. Of course how good the bonus is depends on the tablet. In general level 1-2 panels are not really that great in terms of bonuses as level 3-4 tablets. Level 4 is the highest tablet level.

Okay that’s all for now. Hopefully I explained enough. Some people at the Unlimited SaGa board at gamefaqs can also give advice and may know more than I do. And plus probably have better grammar than me and probably can explain things better.

:hyperven: God! That almost all I have to ask!!! You are the best, Ajora! Thanks from the bottom of my pad!!! :slight_smile:

Ah! And… what about weigth? I love big armoures, but… I want to have some light character. How can I do it?

Actually I’m not much of an expert on weight. You’re better off asking someone at the U.SaGa board about that. Characters in general do vary in weight. In any case from a topic at the U.SaGa board at Gamefaqs known as “Niu’s information reposted” or close to that. Heck you may want to read the whole topic.

Character Weights:

Heavy Weights:

Name | Base Weight |
Anzan | 150 |
Musol Yanni | 110 |
Vearst | 90 |
Iskandar | 85 |
Francis | 85 |
Edel | 82 |
Thomas | 78 |
Kurt | 75 |
Mordeus | 74 |
Pharr | 72 |
Armand | 70 |

Medium Weights:

Nuage | 68 |
Grace | 61 |
Mythe | 60 |
Laura | 56 |
Norff | 53 |
Ventus | 52 |
Kong Ming | 51 |
Rebecca | 47 |
Tiffon | 46 |

Light Weights:

Ruby | 45 |
Hiro | 45 |
Marie | 42 |
Michelle | 42 |
Sapphire | 41 |
Platyphyllum | 40 |
Henri | 34 |
Josef | 31 |
Silver Girl | 30 |
Armic | 22 |
Judy | 18 |
Roy | 0 |

There you go. Now then what you want to do of course is take into account the lighter a character the more likely they will able to use the light lines of martial arts. Which is what keeping your character light is for. Some ideas for keeping a member light are to avoid equipping heavy stuff. However you’re going to have to ask someone else what is heavy and what is light. But I can tell you this. Lead is definitely heavy.

A good way to keep the weight down on a member is to only equip the member with a blocking weapon or a shield if the member is going to use martial arts or magic. Of course how much you need to remove depends on the member. But definitely someone else can tell you more.

Thanks for the weight notes! But… I have played a lot with full weight equipment. So, all my characters have heavy martial arts’s techs. Now, I have Ventus and Tiffon light, but… he still have heavy martial arts.
Ah! Another thing: In the magic section of your explanation, you say that I have to buy an item that allow me to cast spells. Did you mean an object with “water support”, for exemple?

Sorry for my incredible amount of questions! But… here is another one: I can cast a spell with Ventus using a familiar of another character?

In order to use the light weight line of martials arts you must meet two factors. First you must be light enough and second you must have a punch panel on if you want to use the light line of punch, a kick panel on if you want to use the light line of kick and a throw panel if you want to use the light line of throw. Also having those said panels seems to reduce your weight. Well it seems once punch panel will reduce you weight, but having a second punch panel will not reduce it any further. However if you add a kick panel it gets reduced further.

It’s easy to tell if you have the light punch line because you should see “Hummingbird” used instead of “Uppercut”. For Throw you should see “Hairdryer” instead of “Throw”. Kick is still kick on the lightline. So it’s a good idea to make sure hte member also has a punch or throw panel. Not only will your weight be reduced. If you have hair dryer or hummingbird, you should have the light kick line.

As the spell thing I talked about. You are looking for an item that allows one to cast whatever. When you go shopping for an item. Highlight the item. Press left or right. You should notice the information on the item changes. What you are looking for is this. The word “Note”. And what you want to see next to that word is that it allows anyone to cast <insert spell here> Water Support just simply means your water arts will be more effective.

Only the person who has the familiar on his grid can cast the spells of the said familiar. A familiar is kind of like adding an extra menu of options for the said member to use while in battle. That’s all. Except these options are spells. It’s one fire spell for a level 1 fire familiar and five fire spells for a level five fire familiar for example.

Thanks, Ajora! I will put it in practice right now!!!

Eh… I have a problem. I have Tiffon without any equipment. Nothing at all. Almost naked! And… she has Uppercut still! Why is she still in heavy martial arts? I don’t understand it…

Does she have a punch panel? if you do not have a punch panel you can’t use the light line of punch which starts with hummingbird. Also some people may not be able to get access to the light lines at all. But I have to double check who later or maybe ask someone. I guess I could see if I can Tiffon the light line later. After all Ventus’ quest has the deliveries so I could keep going back and forth.

However with Tiffon you don’t want to bother with martial arts anyway because she doesn’t have much strength growth and her phobia panel hinders her. Instead let Tiffon use a dagger or a bow. The punch and kick panel for her should only be there to help give a bonus to her endurance stat and to to raise her skill stat. Tiffon should look like this

Top Left and Middle Left: A fire familiar and any other familiar. For a bonus to her magic stat and so she can take advantage of her fire stat which is decent. You can have her use fire magic. An alternative idea is to give her two key panels if you want to give a bonus to skill.

Top Right and Middle Right: Tiffon should have a level 4 punch and level 4 kick panel eventually. This will give you a bonus to endurance and at the same time keep her skill decent.

Middle Panel: This can only be replaced by phobia or pacifist panels. Get her any phobia panel to replace the undead one. Because in both quests where she is playable, the personal final boss is undead.

Bottom Left: A replacement panel spot.

Bottom Right: Put a dagger or bow panel here. Then have Tiffon learn Bow or Dagger techs. I had Tiffon use daggers.

I should finally add light martial arts are nice, but to be honest the normal martial arts are good too. If you have a lot of trouble getting someone to be light even with melee panels then you should probably have them learn the normal line of martial arts instead anyway.

Thanks for this tip!
I have Tiffon with daggers too. She has learned Bloody Mary. That tech is great! High LP damage! Mm… but… She have a punch panel. So… Could it be a problem that she has learned heavy martial art’s techs before?

Well I just checked my Tiffon who has a level 4 Punch and Level 4 kick panel together to form a joint. She can use hummingbird. It may be that Tiffon may need two melee panels to lower her weight enough. Try to get her both a kick and a punch panel. And try to have them next to each other to form a joint bonus. That may be what she needs to use hummingbird for you, but I still say don’t bother with it. And it doesn’t matter what she learned before. I’ve had people learn the uppercut line and then make it so they can access the hummingbird line.

Thanks for the information again. And… In an adventure, in the status screen, I have checked Ventus skills in “skills and arts” screen. In Martial arts, in punch section, he has “uppercut”, “bear swipe” and hummingbird. All of this skills has the sword icon. But “uppercut” and “hummingbird” has a little white box behind the sword icon. Why?