Aeon Flux

So the movies coming out, but do any of you recall the actual show?When I was younger I used to watch it with my sister and it facinated me.But I just finished watching some of the series…and frankly all I have is one question.What the fuck as the creator on?!Peter Chung must have taken some good shit inorder to come up wih something like that.God, it sucked.Not to mention the crappy music and cartoon figurations.But then again, this was years ago and is OLD.

The movie does look promising so I might still see it on opening day.Thoughts anyone?

Apparently, the movie sucks. I haven’t seen it though.

It’s something that didn’t need to come back, but here they go and make a movie. I never met anyone that really liked Aeon Flux. It was kind of neat, but nothing amazing.

I just wish that they would ease up on the commercials. I mean God! there playing them three times each comercial break on every channel. Theres no escape. ;_;

I liked the show. I think it takes an uncommon taste to like it.

My problem with the movie is that it seems like they picked the original series, which had a lot of things that would keep you thinking for hours after each episode, and turned it into a Holywood-action-movie-blockbuster-that-tries-to-be-cool-because-it-has-a-hot-nearly-nude-assassin-babe-and-lots-of-explosions-and-slow-motion-takes.

I had no clue this movie even existed until now, but any action movie with Charlize Theron in it will probably suck. :x

Not horrendously bad, but I’m sure y’all’ll disagree.

See now, when I saw the ad for this movie, I thought it may have been something original for once, and I was wrong. Are we really running out of ideas for action movies?

I dont think I’ve ever seen anybody type that before o.O

I’ve never seen it typed quite like that, myself… :smiley:

Everyone else does ya’ll. I dunno why. I pronounce it like I type (with a slight break between the y and a).

The ‘short episodes’ where Aeon dies at the end of every one were pretty cool. The long episodes really had nothing going for them, though.

-OMG, they killed Aeon!
-Yo, Bastards!

Exactly. Wanna marry me?

Anyway, those were awesome because they were just sadistic ways to kill Aeon.

Ya’ll is how the phrase is really said. I imagine “Ya’ll’ll” is some odd contraction merging ya’ll and will, but it isn’t a word because I doubt two apostrophes can exist in the same word. Then again, I’m not really sure ya’ll is a word anyway. I say it in real life, but I rarely ever put it on the internet.

Well, there are two opinions on multiple-apostrophe words.

  1. They can exist, you use an apostrophe every time a letter or group of letters is left out. This can apply to entire words. For example “I baked you a cake” can be shortened to “'baked you a cake.” This is more commonly used in England, and entirely created just to irritate people because [strike]the right way[/strike] the English way to show quation marks is with apostrophes, so they put more in their text for confusion’s sake.

  2. One apostrophe is used to represent the removal of letters in general. Guns and Roses becomes Guns n’ Roses for example. In which case, Cala should’ve written y’all, ya’llll or yall’ll. Either one would work, since there really aren’t rules for where to put the apostrophe in poly-contracted words. Hence the glaring flaw with this rule.

So neither way really works well in terms of grammatical understanding, but either is correct.

I don’t care either way. Y’all can bite me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not just action, ALL movies in general.What they are selling to the public is pretty much directed crap :expressionless: Instead of spending millions of dollars in something more productive, they end up making half-assed scenes and and pointless sequels.The only reason I go to the movies now are for horror films.And even then they dissapoint, I never would have thought creativity had a limit XD

Y’all. Not ya’ll. It’s a contraction of you all. >.>

Word, yo.