Aeon Flux

Thank you.

It gets worse if you add more bits to it. “Y’all’ll’ve”, for instance.

I once tried to make a grammatical structure of “will have had been” or something like that …

I always hated Aeon Flux… the series. The character designs are awful… Aeon herself is so ridiculously skinny it’s disgusting. She makes Barbie look like Rosie O’Donnel. You can get away with bizarre proportions in a more abstract form of animation (like the Powerpuff Girls or something), but when you try to attach a realistic look to it, you need to keep proportions at least somewhat realistic. It’s just a matter of personal taste, but really, to a cartoon buff like me, if I don’t like the character designs and animation style, I’ll probably dislike the cartoon, regardless of the other factors.

Plus, the whole thing just seemed way too abstract, and without any real substance. And Aeon and that guy that kept trying to kill her… why did they have to sit their and lick each other’s tongues all the time? They didn’t even kiss, they were just licking each other’s tongues.

The other cartoons on MTV back in the day were much cooler. The Maxx was absolutely awesome. The Head was alright too…