Advent children news. Again!

Yep, it is Yuffie after all, albeit a pretty old-looking one. Is that Zack in the bottom left-hand corner?

Also who’s that creepy-looking kid following Tifa around?

Cool I can’t wait for this movie. This movie is based on FF7

What about Spirit within? Is that movie is based on any FF games?

How long is this movie?

All FF7 characters will be in this movie?

I know Yuffie,Tifa will be in this movie What about the others.

The kid could be Young Cloud.

[SPOILER]Maybe it’s one of those “recollection” scenes where all the personas of the character join together to form a complete, clear-headed person.

Or maybe not, who knows?

By the way, take a look at the bottom-left screenshot. That’s a scene from Final Fantasy VII, Disc 3, when you return to the Shinra Mansion’s bottom floor and examine the tube with the markings on it. Remember, the one where Cloud and Zack were riding the truck to Midgar, and they decided to become bounty hunters or soldiers?

Also, to answer Ellerkerm, Spirits Within is not based on any movie in particular, but heavily borrows elements from FF7 and a bit of FF9 (though the planet’s energy thing is used in a lot of RPGs aside from even FF, such as the WA games). We aren’t sure if all the characters will be in it yet, as details are sketchy at best. And no one knows how long it will be.[/SPOILER]

True. Press releases say it’s set Several Years after FF7 end.

Some where Between 90min to 150 mins, or 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Nope, That Bloke in the Pipe proberby isn’t in it. Biggs and Wedge are proberby not too. But if you mean the live Main cast “OFF COURSE!!”

Cloud, Vincent, Barret, Cid, Red XIII, Rude and Reno of the Turks(See that Tonge Action!!), and Marline (Barret’s ‘kid’). These are asummed to in Flashbacks: ‘The Flower girl,’ Seperoth, Zack.

Big Nutter

Dalton is right that shot of Zack is from the optional flashback.

As for the characters, we have had visual conformation of all of main characters, except for Cait Sith. Which I believe is a good thing, since the stupid cat wouldn’t fit in with the style this seems to be going with.

As for Yuffie, I think she looks about right. She should be about 18 in this film, so I say she looks about right, in my opinion.

PS: Thanks for the update Neb.

Actually, initial reports put it at around the 60 minute mark- just one hour. How, when they’ve released half the bloody film in screenshot form, is frankly anyone’s guess. :-/

P.S. You’re welcome, HS :wink:

That was it originally, but now it’s at BNs time.

dont speak ill of cait sith!!

hes got to appear in the movie somwhere.
they just havent been able to catch a pic of him.
yeah thats it.
they just havent found him yet.
more delussional ranting
:moogle: please excuse him he is temporaly insane.

Ok thanks and Spirit within is not based any of the games?

It’s not based on any FF game, but it is kind of inspired by some of the plot elements of FF7.

to be honest, I dont care how long it is, cuz i will watch until my eyes are bleeding!

Wow… You sure you want your eyes to bleed…? Too bad it’s not gonna be in the theatres when it comes out (ie. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within).

I’m still going with the 60 minute mark like Nebagram said. I read that as well in Game Informer and have yet to hear anything else from any online or magazine sources. So untill there is other word Its safe to assume that 1hour is a good time for it. As well, this is not going to be in theatres, so when you get it, you can watch it all day long in your house with no worries of interuption or popcorn fees.

movies that are too-short suck. Like “ohh wow, there was some fighting, a couple boobies… more fighitng, and it’s over.” But i wouldnt expect boobies in this, so it’ll be like “ohh wow, there was some fighting, a little talking, more fighting, and it’s over.”

Right ?

yuffie is not nearly as hotzorz as she should be

I knew that was coming

Are you kidding? I wanna fuckin’ devour that girl!

Hope you mean >—0 not


Could say so. But then She could be numbers 1 & 3 on the list to buy a PSP 1. FF7:AC, 2. GT4 3. Yuffie on FF7:AC.

Thats if they have FF7:AC on PSP, Which the rumors are saying.

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Note to self: Refrain from Attacking girls with Yuffie Cosplay kit…

1 hour? They’ve already released enough footage to last like 20 minutes. They wouldn’t give away like a third of the whole movie. Come on. That’s not nearly enough time to cram in 4 new villains, have flashbacks of Aeris/Sephiroth and introduce Reno, Rude, and Cloud’s entourage, and solve the whole “children” theme being given off.

Is it just me or does Vincent look kind of crazy in his picture?