As many of you know, our ads detect what is written on a page to display content. This was experimented upon during the election when nameless posters would keep posting John McCain to make McCain ads pop up.

Well apparently someone else who shall remain nameless made a thread called Jesus Fucking Christ in the tech help forum and that got ME ads for a Christian Social Network. What the FUCK?

The power of Christ compels you?

So…Irrelavent comments can help the economy?

Excellent. Phase One of my plan is complete.

It wasn’t on this site, but I’ve been to some (usually inoffensive sites, like TV Tropes) only to have ads on things like Bear Dating sprung on me. Seriously.

(Please don’t ask me to explain what Bear Dating is. ) :thud:

WTH kind of ad selection system do they have- and how do I turn it off? Yeesh.

Stop complaining, it could be worse.

I do remember the John McCain ad. I think it was determined that it was because of one big political thread we had here where John McCain’s name was mentioned a lot. Kinda scary how one thread can change our ads.

With all the “holy shit” threads here, I wonder if one of these days we’ll see some ads for a treatment(s) of irregularities of the digestive system. :wink:


Bear is a subset of the gay community. Instead of the effeminate prissy San Francisco types, bears are big, hairy, burly gay men. Bear Dating would therefore be a dating service that hooks up these literal Men’s Men.

Also, Bear Force 1

Ironic it is that Sin and Pierson have the most listed “Holy Shit” threads.

In conclusion…

I notice it now. Such as on this thread I get a bunch of political and news station ads.

Oh come on, there are much better things you could think of than Bear Force 1.

Like polar bears. :3

Well I’m sorry that Bearforce1 is the only Bear band I know of. I thought the fat guy in pink sorta demonstrated the Bear subculture referred to in the Bear Dating Service.

Anyways, I’ve noticed that the ads change depending on what the topic is. But other times, it confounds me a bit with crap like Castlevania games for sale or other weird shit. (Like if John McCain and Obama are cheating on their wives. Really? Do I care?)

Though I kinda freaked out a bit like Sin when I saw the Christian ads.

I blame ads by Google. Give me better ads!

Free government money for me!

Me too! Funny because most of the time I get adds for those free MMORPGS.

Doesn’t seem to work for me…I guess it detects that my IP is in China so it seems to tailor all the ads toward China no matter what the content of the thread is

I keep getting crappy MMO ads, even when I talk about things like Lesbians for Christ.

I told you, Bears on the Run better demonstrates what would be on the Bear Dating Service. :\

Well you only told me about Bears on the Run AFTER I made that post about Bearforce1 and Bear Dating Service.