Ackbar just got scarier

Giant squids just weren’t creepy enough as it is, now we have to worry about colossal squids. These things sound like fucking science fiction monsters, their tentacles just weren’t lethal enough so they had to add on a bunch of claws. They also can fire sperm that burrows into things and explodes, holy shit.

If I ever travel to the arctic, i’ll be sure to bring a harpoon gun

Wow, that’s totally freaky. I do enjoy reading about sea creatures, though.

Atleast mating will prove to be it’s downfall. All we have to do it out intercourse it!


I ain’t affraid of no squid.

I’m never going to go near the water.

Okay, now Mesonychotuethis_Hamiltoni isn’t an obscure enough nick for the chat anymore. Back to the drawing board.

I want one.

Man I wouldn’t want to be impregnated by a panicking colossal squid with a 1 meter long penis >_>.

Those things are freaky. Holy shit o_o;

I just found my purpose in life. I must hunt one of these down and kill it with my bare hands. Only then will my life be complete.

Holy shit indeed. o.O;;

giant squids are fucking awesome, they add atleast 15% to the level of coolness of the ocean.

Terror from the Deep, anyone? I knew Microprose had forgotten to add something to the game. :ah-ha!:

“Male squid, it seems, have only two responses to things they bump into: eat it, or impregnate it.”

Sweet, it’s like an oceanic me :smiley:

Kind of off topic, but what ever happened to Ackbar? I haven’t seen that nutjob around for a while.

dunno, but I think one of those things would make one hell of a bitchin guard animal/ thing to put at the bottom of a pit trap

That’ll be one bigass pit trap. It’d be easier to just put spikes there.

blinkblink All I can think about now is “tentacle rape”.

You would, perv.