Ackbar just got scarier

Keep the women away from them!

He’s usually on IRC, but mostly idles. Once in a great while he’ll show up and abuse his awesome @ powers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tentacles. Brrr.

Stay away from Steve and Ackba. Check.

Man,To see one of those in real life must be preaty scary,would’nt want to meet one of those.

I just found my purpose in life. I must hunt one of these down and kill it with my bare hands. Only then will my life be complete.

Good fricken luck,you will need it,We will also bring flowers to the funeral if they ever find your body.

damn, just think…if WE had exploding sperm, we could make grenades out of used condoms. hmm… :ulty:

Maybe the creatures from Alien DO exist. Only in the form of squids.

But the Predators killed them all off. :<

Wait til you guys see MY collosal squid! My sperm explode twice as good!

Looks hurt and hides

I just realized, that a Kraken has tentacles. Ho hoo oh oh oh!