AAAHHH! HELP! I'm getting old!!!

Guess what I found in the mirror today?

I’ve got a gray hair.

Actually, I’ve got two.

Just in time for my 24th birthday. Haw.

24 years ancient…

I found 1 a couple years ago. Only 1. It is disturbing o_o

I’ve found a couple too, I know Jing has as well. And our dad started getting grey by 18. The genes are not on our side…

I have one white hair…

…growing out of my forehead.

I don’t got any gray hair, but it doesn’t seem far off. Andmy joints and bones hurt like HELL when getting up on a cold morning. I’m old before my time!

my hair falls out by bushes, but that’s because i’m clearing my head from the dreads that used to be,

I have some red and blue hairs! No grey hairs yet, but …

Yar, that’s just from your sprite.

Who cares about a few gray hairs? It’s not as if it’s important or anything…

Plus, Sephy got gray hair and Sephy’s cool. :slight_smile:

No no. Sephy’s hair is SILVER. It’s MUCH sexier. And shinier, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Big deal, there was a kid in my high school who’s hair was half gray; we all said he looked like he was 45. He agreed. So don’t worry, the assisstant XC coach is balding and he’s only 25 or so. Plus he’s short, so we make fun of him for that too. (Then he makes our workouts hell, but that’s no different from any other workout, so it’s ok).

Nothing wrong with getting old. To quote Papa Smurf, you’re only as old as you think you are, tra la la la la.

Anyway, I’ve yet to see any signs of getting old, but I haven’t really looked for them. I haven’t noticed creaking bones, and I certainly haven’t looked for gray hairs (although I’m probably too young for them to occur anyway). Besides, I think gray looks cool. I know so many old guys with gray hair and beards, and they’re pretty cool, especially if they live in the mountains. Although the one I keep thinking about is a famous physics guy…

I’ve had gray hair for a while now. I once shaved my head to hide it, and a compadre of mine from EoFF gave me some sage advice:

“Next time you want to hide some gray hairs, don’t shave your head. Just staple a cat to your head. That way, instead of noticing gray hairs, people will notice that you’ve got a cat stapled to your head”

Why didn’t I think of that in the first place?

I look like my dad exactly, and he started going bald around 15…

And my hair is long and REALLY dark.

So hoorj for defected genetics.

My first white hair was found by a friend of mine in grade eight or nine. She said “look!” and pulled it out. Damn her, I wanted to keep that there!

No gray here, then again dragons don’t have much hair anyway :hahaha; .

I don’t have any grey hairs, but I still have a few other signs of aging.

But you just got to remember, EVERYONE is getting older, at the same rate we are.

My father’s hair started really silvering at about 28. Worse, him and all my uncles on his side all went completely grey in their 30’s. This isn’t a good sign of things to come for me. With my luck, I’ll end up having completely grey hair in my late 20’s.

Heh at 23 I actually have a few streaks of grey. So dont bitch about one or two hairs heh =p

My best friends Matt and Si (twins) have loads of white hairs and they are 15.

Originally posted by Martin Jigmar
I’ve had gray hair for a while now. I once shaved my head to hide it,

Heh. My uncle shaves his head to hide the fact that he’s balding.

Wow. Alot of stories about pre-mature greying. My dad is in his mid-40s, and all he has are strands of gray that make it looked streaked. He’s the only man on either side of the family with grey/ing hair.
All the women in my family dye their hair every other month, so there’s no way to tell with them.