A Video Game board that didn't mention this?

Happy Birthday, Pacman!

You may technically be dead, but here’s to all those dots, ghosts, fruits and quarters you ate that helpped start the major hobby of this board!

Pacman’s was a tragic story. In the mid 90’s he overdosed on power pellets. Was it a case of too much too soon? Or too little too late? Fame, aint it a bitch.


Pac-Man’s not dead. He’s got a new game coming for Xbox 360, Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox.

And when exactly is Pac-Man’s birthday? I know he’s 25 this year, but is there a particular day that we celebrate this?

I know I shouldn’t read this much into that strip, but Ms. Pac-Man wasn’t created by Namco. Ms. Pac-Man was created by two kids who hacked a Pac-Man machine to make it better, then Midway bought the rights to it, and later Namco bought it from Midway.

He was born from a slice of pizza.

<strike>PUNX</strike> PACMANS NOT DEAD!

Originally, he was called Puck-Man, but Midway thought that it’d be too easy to deface a “PUCK-MAN” machine to make it say something else.

Well then, happy birthday PAC MAN!!!

You were my big hero when I was little!


Er… Pac-man

Haven’t there been only two people who have ever beaten Pac-Man on a single quarter? Just trolling for trivia.

I’d only know about the guy who holds the pac-man world record, read an article about it once. He came to level 254 or something, but beyond that, the game was nothing but a pile of screwed up data. When he made the developers, they said they never bothered to program it further cause they never expected someone to come that far.

So The DS game IS Pac’s birthday game?

I thought it was because since the levels are randomly generated, they cannot take into account special considerations that need to be made when the game starts going that fast, and then crashes.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? << >>
Anyway, happy birthday whatever-man. I played it and it was crazy hard. Maybe it’s just me…or old games.

Does anyone know what the difference is between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, besides the obvious?

Yea, it loops through 4 mazes instead of 2, the walls are filled in, the ghosts move more “randomly” (except not, its still a pattern), and there is the fruit bonus.

And of course, the stupid cutscenes.

Some Puck Man stuff

In the late 1990s, Twin Galaxies, which tracks video game world record scores, visited used game auctions and counted how many times the average Pac Man machine had been played. Based on those findings and the total number of machines that were manufactured, the organization said it believed the game had been played more than 10 billion times in the 20th century.

So go ahead and be impressed as you hear about sales numbers for the next “Grand Theft Auto” or see anxious gamers camping overnight to be the first to get their hands on next generation consoles. But weigh that frenzy to the one Pac Man sparked when it was originally released in Japan. The game proved so popular that it incited a shortage of yen coins in the country.

Let’s see today’s titles manage something like that.