A simple FF wimpy question

Dudes, who do you say is the wimpiest of all the Final Fantasy characters? My vote with with Tidus from FFX

Why is everyone always hating on Tidus? Just because he had severe daddy issues doesn’t mean he was a wimp or something similar. Sure he was a little more outspoken than Squally or Cloud. He was 17! And acted like it! And gradually matured. Come on now.

I can’t think of any wimpy character right now. I just had to step in and defend my Tidus.

Cloud. He doomed Earth many times in succession due to his idiocy. Even if it’ s more lame than wimpy. Barret: “I’ ll go upside your spikey white head and bring you back to normal!”. 'Nuff said.

For wimpiest character, I don’t really know who to say. Since all of the characters are heroes, and even if they act scared at one point, they usually overcome it. Making them not wimpy.

When you say wimp, what do you mean.

I wouldn’t say Tidus is wimpy. The guy learned to perfectly handle a sword after mere seconds of picking it up and struggling with it, and then he goes off, matures, and saves Spira. And it’s not like he’s whiny in the game or anything. I mean, if I were in Tidus’ circumstances, I’d be pretty upset and mopey for a while, too. I’d say he’s very human and very well developed, but not whiny or wimpy.

And believe me, living with a dad that hates your guts isn’t exactly easy to deal with. I know from experience.

It’s hard to say who’s exactly the most wimpy, seeing as that pretty much every “weak” character in an RPG has a revelation sometime into the game and then becomes more powerful and confident than ever thought possible. But I’m probably going to have to say Gordon from FF2. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought he was pretty mopey and weak for the most of the game, refusing to fight in the war and whatnot. Sure, he becomes a team member, but even then, it feels more like he’s only fighting with you because he has to.

Cid from FFT. He has to hide behind his awesome abilities and his Excalibur. Without them, he’s nothing.

Terra. I know she snaps out of it at the end but when the world is burning to ashes, a psycho is blasting cities at will, your old team mates come over and ask for help and you just happen to be a living-breathing magical nuclear bomb, I don’t think that pondering what you live for is what you should be doing right now.

But that’s the closest I can think of. I don’t remember any real wimps or anyone who didn’t redeem himself in some way or another.

I mean wimpy totally weak, and or whinny. And just cuse they save the world doesnt make them kool, hell the do it in a group, lets see one of them do it alone. Then a gain when it comes to whining, Zell might beat Tidus hands down.

I’m going with Gordon FF2, Scary cat and bad stats.


Fuck dude, everyone from FF2 were kind of wimps, even the Emperor!

Gordon was needed for the plot, but he was still weak. Just a playable extra.

Edward from FF4 was a coward, very weak, and would hide when hurt (really annoying when he did that). Even though people like him and such, I do, he could have been a stronger character. I guess Square created him so that the story could keep going. BTW, we need a smilie of Edward playing the harp.

Tidus was a great character, but he was REALLY annoying with the gungho crap. His voice rapidly becomes old.

Cannot say Quina from FF9 was a wimp, some of his/her blue magic abilities were great, but he/she was just so hard to use. Too many yummy yummies.

Gilbert/Edward from FF4.

And the fact that his physical attacks did random damage. 8)

That, too. And he/she took the longest time to use the eat/cook ability.

From the FF games that I’ve played, I’d have to say Cid from FF8. Dude. You do NOT run out on your students and leave them to fend for themselves because you are to scared to make a decision. Sure, I can understand that giving the order to kill your own wife would be the hardest thing you’d ever do, but is running away and leaving your students to handle it going to make it all better? No. I think not. God I hated that charecter.

Also, Cloud lost major points with me for bending to Sephiroth’s will so easily. We all have issues, but you don’t go around handing the Black Materia to evil supervillians.

Cloud is still my favorate charecter though. x3

Gordan from ff 2.

The little girl from Final Fantasy 3/6 who attacks with a paint brush, and the one from 5 who joins the group after her grandfather died, both of them are wipmy in attacks.

Relm from 6, whom I use lots with a cure rod. (0MP healing) and Cara or “Krile Maia Baldesion” as her offical entry to the FFC



Though that might be more ‘out and out pathetic’ than ‘wimpy’.