A simple FF wimpy question

Terra and Cloud (and probably Tidus) are beastly strong in battle, so they can’t be wimps.

Relm’s Control ability is useful enough to prevent her from being a wimp.

Krile, like the rest of the FFV cast, doesn’t have enough of a differentiation between herself and her allies to be a wimp. (Did she share stats with Galuf?)

Gordon started out weak, but he did grow fairly strong fairly quickly.

I can’t really defend Edward/Gilbert though.

And as for the emporer from FF2, he was totally awesome. He’s actually one of my favorite FF villains. Definitely not a wimp.

There’s something cool about a villain that sells his soul to the devil to get another chance at killing the heroes

Edward did have the Medicine command in the hard type. Save your Potions!
And comeon, he climbs out of his deathbed to play the harp so you can kick the stupid elf’s ass!
(which takes about 8 seconds by using the Weak spell)

Dude you can so kill him in 3 hits or less. Worst. End boss. EVER!! My vote goes to everyone in FF8. The characters made it seem more like a bad soap opera than an RPG.

How is the emperor from FF2 a wimp??? Am I the only person who had a moderately tough time with him? talking about the last fight with him, of course.

Laguna is the wimpiest - hands down.

You can beat Kefka in fewer rounds than that. Wouldn’t that make Kefka the “Worst. End boss. EVER!!!111”?

And Gila, you can beat the final boss in FF2 exceedingly easily if you equip Blood Swords. Using cheap tactics to easily beat him does not make him any less badass, though.

Yeah, but by splitting the potion, you healed each character so slightly, that it was almost worthless…=(

Kefka has more HP than the Emperor did, and the max you could do to Kefka was 9999. With Blood Swords, you could hit the emperor for over 10k each time.