A question about M$ Paint

How do you make the backround transparent?

Originally posted by Cidolfas on the join page
<OL><LI>Choose a color that does NOT appear anywhere in your picture. For more choices, click the Colors -> Edit Colors menu option. For argument’s sake, let’s say the color is orange.
<LI>Fill in all the whitespace in your picture with orange.
<LI>Go to the Colors -> Edit Colors menu option.
<LI>Choose “Define Custom Colors”. The large square to the right should now be orange.
<LI>Click “Add To Custom Colors”. The top left of the 18 white squares on the left should now be orange.
<LI>Go to the Image -> Attributes menu option.
<LI>Click the checkbox for “Use Transparent Background Color” (if your image isn’t a GIF, you won’t be able to choose this).
<LI>Click “Select color…”
<LI>Click your orange box and click “OK”.
<LI>Save. Whew!</OL>

When I get to step 7, where it says “use transparence backround color” and a check box, it wont let me check the box. ;_;

I use MS paint 97 by the way.

You’ve got it as a GIF, right?

no, its a .bmp or .dib.

you can save it as a .gif, though, right?

EDIT: m$ paint. clever.:slight_smile:

Send it to xelo, he has photoshop!

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
[b]you can save it as a .gif, though, right?

EDIT: m$ paint. clever.:slight_smile: [/b]

No, just .bmp or .dib Thats all it lets me save as. I dont want to send it to Xelo because:

[li]He probably wont do it
[/li][li]I want to do it by myself
[/li][li]I have more than one thing to convert

Also, can I insert Images directly from my CPU, or do they have to be on a website somewhere?

well then, i can help you. just send it to me; i’ll do what i can and not ask questions. my email is michaelo@gaggle.net

and remember: spam makes baby jesus cry.

You can import them from anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:
Send it to me though, i have plenty of time. I’ll do it within the next 4 hours

sells lord’s e-mail for a quarter

You can’t open GIFs. Microsoft didn’t start paying for GIF Licences in Paint until Windows ME. You’ll have to send it to someone unless you want to buy some software.

And yes, it has to be online.

AAAAaaaactually… when it comes to photoshop… charl’s much better than xelo ;D

No, I’m better.

Charl just puts his picture on anything.

Well, since I dont have a website to post it on to link off of, then never mind. Sorry, thanks for the info.

< Charlemagne|pissedoff> Xelo cant make shit!!!

< /statement>

Actually, charl can do a lot more than just put his picture on things.

There are plenty of freeware/shareware GIF editors out there, as well. Just do a search on cnet.com and you’ll find loads of 'em. I strongly recommend against using Paint for anything, period. BMPs aren’t really useful to anyone (and are too big for use on websites), and Paint forces its native color palette on you when you convert to a GIF file, which can make your colors screwy. Free GIF editors are the way to go (or Photoshop if you can get ahold of it).

If you’ve got the money, photoshop is the best image editor out there.

Of course, I downloaded mine…

I have Streamaction, but it only lets me CONVERT the images to .gifs, not edit them. Any suggestions of where/what to get?

Here’s a little work around, open up Front Page (its included with windows usually), create a new web page and insert the bitmap onto the page, then on the image toolbar select the “set transparent color” tool, pick the background color and save the page. Then all you have to do is go to the directory where you saved the page, and copy the gif.

Voila, feel free to delete the web page afterwards.